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Archives: November, 2013

SMILE on Facebook!  November 22nd, 2013

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Battery Building  November 21st, 2013

electron flow diagram 001

In this activity, students will learn how to build a voltaic pile battery, which is the oldest form of electric battery. The voltaic pile battery was invented in the 1800s by Alessandro Volta using a giant stack of alternating layers of zinc, blotting paper soaked in salt water, and silver. This battery concept is the basis of the battery that students will construct — a simple battery that uses pennies, cardboard soaked in vinegar, and zinc washers for each cell. Students will then attempt to power a small LED light and a calculator with their batteries and explore the concepts of electrical current.

Battery Building Activity

Fish Population Activity  November 8th, 2013

This activity was provided by high school club leader Ken Dicky.  It adds to the sampling concepts taught in the halibut unit with a sample-to-population-inference activity.  It is a chance to do some basic math (statistics) and eat food at a club meeting!  Along with the activity worksheet you will find teacher notes with specifics on leading it during a club meeting.  Ken says: “It was fun, valuable, and took about 1 hour”.

Sample to Population Inference Activity

Teacher Notes