Exhibit labels

As agreed on Monday, let’s each post the labeling information for our portraits.  Try to have this done by Friday.  Here’s a template you can use, in italics:

Protein:  Hemoglobin

Artist:  Phil McFadden

Take a breath… where did it go?  Hemoglobin, the vividly red oxygen-carrying protein of our blood, has carried it away to your heart and beyond.  Here I portray hemoglobin in the shape of our four-chambered heart.  Two of the subunits, shown as red, still hold onto their oxygen, tightly bound to iron.  The other two subunits, shown as blue, have let go of their oxygen.  So get ready… soon it will be time to take another breath.

No need to post any pictures, but the above label refers to a portrait idea that would juxtapose the following two representations:

(Picture of the 4-chambered heart from www.pted.org; hemoglobin by Goodsell)

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