The Modernisation Of The Age-Old Gemstone Industry


In a modern world that continuously becomes more focused on digital and technological design and intent, it is always becoming more obvious and more important all the time that we are not only focused on creating massive change in the right direction momentarily but also that we are willing and able to do the very same on an active and consistent basis moving forward. we have seen every industry and every corresponding aspect of life be completely shifted and even evolved from the inside out as it has become more obvious all the time that modernisation is key to ongoing longevity and successful stop this is especially true when you look at the fact that consumers are no longer responding as positively or is often to traditional businesses that are unwilling or unable to embrace modern marvels.

An industry that has positively thrived for decades

The jewellery industry that spans the globe is one of the best examples of an industry that has been around for decades and it has operated largely on a traditional basis. Today, the jewellery industry is now beginning to shift into a modern iteration of its former self and even the most traditional and kind of empires within the space are evolving and improving as a result. This is an industry that has been positively forthright for decades upon decades and while this is still the case today, there is more of a demand for an active focus on how businesses within the jewellery space are able to enhance and improve the approach that they take towards creating and bringing their products to the market.

The modernisation of gemstones

And of course gemstones are right at the forefront of the pieces that are most valuable not only to the industry but to consumers. Even so, the modernisation of gemstones has been more rapidly shifting into lab-created versions because not only are they more cost effective but there is no huge chemical disposition to make so many different real diamonds. With this in mind, the gemstones that are being marketed today are awesome being marketed in a way that is more focused on sustainable initiatives because that is the way that they are being created these days and consumers a loving it they are more focused and more empowered to invest in gemstones and other jewellery pieces and they have ever been before. and they feel better about it because there’s more transparency and it focuses more on meaningful and sustainable change.

Working towards a better future for all

In so many ways, there is quite a lot of work to be done and built upon to move forward. working towards a better future for all is about improving every aspect of life and every corresponding industry one by one. For the jewellery industry, this is focusing on finding more eco friendly and sustainable initiatives and expectations and standards. To learn more about the shifting ideologies and standards within jewellery as well as what this means for the probable future of an industry that has spanned across decades and continues to do so you can do your own research by speaking to industry professionals in the like or simply click here for more info.


9 Hiking Safety Tips


More people than ever before are enjoying spending time in nature. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has helped to make open space a more attractive proposition, even before this more people generally have been discovering walking and hiking as a great antidote to city living. While hiking brings many benefits, it is also crucial to be aware of the safety issues around hiking. Here are some key tips on how to better protect yourself when you’re out on a walk or trek.

1. Share Your Plan

The first rule of going hiking is to tell at least one other person what your plan is. Agree to check in with them after your hike. If you don’t get in touch with them, they’ll know to alert the authorities in case you need help. It’s important you choose someone who isn’t coming on the hike with you, and someone you can rely on to do something about it if they can’t get in touch with you.

2. Bring a Friend

The idea of going out hiking alone might sound appealing to some people, but it is rarely a good idea. The great outdoors can be unpredictable, and even hiking routes you know well can bring unexpected events from time to time. It is always safest to go hiking with another person. It means you can look out for each other, and if one of you does get into some trouble, at least there is someone to go and find help. Remember cell phone reception is not reliable in remote places, so this is not a good stand-in for having an actual person with you!

3. Research the Area

It is always best to do as much research as possible before actually embarking on a hike. Look closely at the trail you want to take, understand what the terrain will be like, and speak to anyone you know who has done the hike previously. National or state parks should be able to supply a wealth of information and will also have rangers you can speak to. Learn about any wild animals and plants you need to be aware of, and if any hunting takes place in the vicinity.

4. Take a Survival Kit

Even if you are just planning to go on a hiking trip for a day, it is important to have some survival essentials with you, in case you run into any problems. A first aid kit, an emergency shelter, food, water (plus purification tablets) and an emergency foil blanket are all necessities. Matches and a lighter are also needed for making fires, and a multi-tool is required for basic tasks and for protecting yourself. Consider an EDC box subscription box if you plan to hike or trek on a regular basis.

5. Check the Weather

A common mistake is that a hiker feels so eager to go on their hiking trip, they forget to check the weather forecast. Finding yourself in the middle of a storm or frequent rain downpours can quickly make a hiking excursion dangerous, not to mention extremely uncomfortable. If bad weather is predicted, simply postpone your trip to another day.

6. Stick to the Trail

Some adventurers are tempted to veer from the hiking trail when they’re out enjoying a walk. This is usually a bad idea. As soon as you leave the trail, you have no idea what terrain or conditions you will come across, which will leave you more prone to injury. Leaving the trail also makes it easier for you to get lost, plus it destroys some of the natural surroundings you have gone to enjoy.

7. Good Shoes

Make sure you wear appropriate shoes or hiking boots for the terrain on the trail. You need shoes that have good grip, are watertight and support your feet properly in order to keep yourself as safe as possible while hiking. If you decide to invest in hiking boots, make sure you wear them in enough before you embark on your hike, and buy proper hiking socks to go with them.

8. Set Off Early

Part of keeping yourself safe during a hike is to know how long the hike should take you, and planning for some extra time around this just in case you are slower than you think. The key is to ensure you reach the end of the hike before nightfall, so also research when the sun is due to set on the day of your hike. You should not be out hiking in the dark as your visibility will be poor and your risk of harm or injury increases. Set off as early as possible in the morning if you want the luxury of having plenty of time on your walk.

9. Bring a Map

Cell phones can be notoriously unreliable away from urban centers, so you should plan to be out of cell service or out of battery during your planned hike. It is therefore crucial to bring a physical map with you so you don’t get lost.


5 Top Careers To Start With A Computer Science Degree

There are several top careers to start with a computer science degree. According to recent data, computer occupations are projected to grow by over 10% through 2030. Indeed, computer science degrees qualify students to work in some of the most in-demand tech fields. For example, improving technologies are rapidly expanding design, development, and analysis tech positions. As a computer science major, you need to know the top careers you can start when you graduate. This way, you can better understand which industries need tech professionals. Plus, you can tailor your course schedule and field experience to match your job interests. Read on to learn about the top careers to start with a computer science degree. 

Web Developer 

First, a web developer is one of the top job positions you can secure with a computer science degree. Typically, these tech professionals build, maintain, and design websites. Notably, some web developers focus on front-end features, such as design and layout. On the other hand, back-end web developers ensure the site communicates properly with other systems that connect to the site. Often, these professionals use their knowledge of data structures, programming logic, and mapping information to ensure the site works as intended. This way, they can bridge the gap between desired web functionality and the systems the organization uses. Plus, employment growth for this career is projected to grow nearly 13% through 2030. Thus, a web development career is one of the best careers you can pursue with a computer science degree.

QA/Test Engineer 

Next, quality assurance (QA) or test engineers is another top career you can start with a computer science degree. In this position, you typically write code to conduct tests. In addition, you may manually test actions a potential user might do to search for bugs. Many QA engineers also use advanced testing tools to ensure code is functioning properly. For example, you can install a Vulnerability scanning tool, such as JFrog Xray to gain visibility in your underlying layers and dependencies. This way, you can identify which artifacts contain any violated components and fix them before deployment. Notably, you can also use this scanning tool to locate security and license violations as well. In short, consider pursuing a career as a QA/test engineer to enable secure, high-functioning applications.

Computer System Analyst

In addition, a computer system analyst is another top career for computer science majors. As known as system architects, these professionals usually study a business’s computer systems, networks, and protocols. Then, they find ways to make them work more efficiently. In this position, you also work with clients to find and solve problems within databases and handle complaints from users. Additionally, you may conduct cost/benefit analysis to evaluate a company’s IT investments. Simultaneously, you may research new technology and evaluate its potential benefits as well. Often, system analysts specialize in computer systems for a specific industry, such as finance. Absolutely, consider a career as a computer system analyst if you want to combine your computer science technical and business knowledge.  

Information Security Analyst 

Moreover, an information security analyst is another top career you can pursue with a computer science degree. As an information security analyst, you oversee computer network systems to prevent security breaches. In addition, you maintain systems and recommend security updates as needed. Many information security analysts also work with employees to help them understand new programs and hardware. With the growing prevalence of hackers, many companies are hiring information security analysts. Indeed, the field of information security analysis is projected to grow over 30% through 2028. Notably, this growth rate is much faster than average. 

Computer & Information Research Scientists 

Furthermore, you can also start a career as a computer and information research scientist with your computer science degree. Importantly, these professionals invent technology to solve problems in science, medicine, and business. In addition, they find new uses for existing technology as well. In this field, you also write algorithms to detect and analyze patterns in large datasets. Some computer and information research scientists also create programs that control robots as well. According to recent data, employment is projected to grow by nearly 15% through 2029. 

There are several top careers to start with a computer science degree. First, you can use your computer science degree to break into the web development field. Next, a test engineer is perfect if you’re interested in security or quality assurance testing. In addition, many computer science majors become a computer system analyst as well. Moreover, you can also pursue a job as an information security analyst. Furthermore, computer and information research science is another high-demand field for computer science. Consider these points to learn about the top careers to start with a computer science degree.


Tips for Making the Ultimate Comeback


Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things slide out of control or just go sideways. You may find yourself stuck and unsure how to pick yourself up and move forward, but that is exactly what you need to do. Making a comeback is not something most people ever aspire to do, but sooner or later, everyone finds themselves in a downturn and in need of a new challenge. If you are ready to return to your former glory or success, here are some tips for making the ultimate comeback.

Why a Comeback Matters

Hard times can be challenging to bounce back from, and you may be wondering if it is even worth the effort to try to bounce back. Investing in yourself and finding happiness is worth it. It may be helpful to find inspiration in Uno, the ubiquitous card game that has given all of us hours of entertainment and has also gifted us the Uno reverse card meme. When you feel uninspired and life has got you down, remember that you can take control of your circumstances. Know that with the proper mindset, you can turn things around and come out on top.

Setbacks come in many forms, from personal, professional, or even financial. After sustaining a loss or a complete change in your fortune, you can find a way to move forward. Making a comeback can help you find joy and happiness and maybe even help you make your situation even better than before.

Make Up Your Mind

Taking time to grieve a loss or be upset about an unexpected change is natural. Give yourself time to address your feelings and then move on. Letting go of the past is a necessary step to move on to the next big thing. You can learn from past mishaps and mistakes, but dwelling on these events will not help you reach your goals. The first step of a good comeback is deciding you are ready to move on and actually move on.

Be Honest With Yourself

Pride can often hurt more than it can help. Set your pride aside and honestly evaluate your situation. Assess where things went wrong, consider new and different approaches to learn from past mistakes, and prevent yourself from making those mistakes again. Take a serious look at what you hope to achieve and be honest with yourself about what you want and what you are capable of doing because this is the only way you will be able to move forward.

Go Out and Make Change Happen

Waiting for change and good fortune to come to you is not a realistic plan, or is this very likely to happen. You need to go out and make changes in your life to deliver the results you hope to achieve. If you continue to do what you have always done, you can expect the same results that you have always had. Take a new approach to reach a new goal. You have the ability, so it is just a matter of making it happen.

Setting goals can help you identify and understand what you really want. Once you establish your goals, you can create a clear and focused plan to reach those goals. A plan can effectively improve your situation and help you attain the level of success you want to achieve. All that is left once you have your goals and plan is to get to work. Hard work and dedication will make changes happen and help you reach your goals.

Create a Network

Surround yourself with trusted and supportive friends and family who will be there to help you along the way. When you feel down and unsure if you are capable, reach out and tell your confidants how you feel. You will most certainly receive words of encouragement that can help keep you focused and working towards your goals.

Understand That Plans Change

Be kind to yourself and know that your goals and overall objectives may change. Change is the only constant, and as you work through your plan, you may begin to want different things. Your definition of success can evolve with time, and that is fine. Tweak your plan as you form new goals and continue to put in the work to make your dreams your reality. 

Enjoy Your Comeback

Hard times are an opportunity to grow. Once you achieve your comeback, you will realize that you are in a better place even if you are not precisely where you intended to end up. Setbacks and challenges can be brutal in the moment, but these experiences help you learn about yourself and what you value. Learning to appreciate what you had in the past can make it easier to value what you currently have in the present. If you find yourself down and out and in need of a comeback, remember that you can make it happen. You can make positive changes that will enable you to live your best life.



Understanding SEO In The Digital Marketing Space

As digital marketing has been able to sell effectively and successfully go from one strength to the next in recent years, what we have seen more of is that the interest and investment in the digital marketing space continues to grow rapidly. This is true across the board and around the world. And what we see more and more of today is that even the most traditionally inclined industry is beginning to recognise that the best way to pursue and ensure its own longevity and success moving forward is to embrace and begin to utilise digital marketing. 

At the very least, these industries have to utilise digital marketing in a collaborative effort with traditional marketing, however what is becoming more and more the years is that traditional marketing is simply not cutting it as much as it used to and there will come a time that it is completely phased out in favour of more modern approaches.

SEO is going from strength to strength today

Today, SEO is about as Innovative and exciting as it gets when it comes to digital marketing. This is a digital marketing strategy that was introduced to the world ahead of its time, however it has been able to overcome challenges and prove its value time and time again. Today, SEO is going from strength to strength for gorilla to be using transparency like never before. And what we are seeing more and more of is that there is a direct and overwhelming focus not only on how SEO functions and thrives momentarily today, but also how it can actively and consistently be built upon in a reasonable and realistic way to continue forward.

Understanding digital marketing today

When it comes to understanding the digital marketing space, there is a lot to be said about the need to focus on the fact that digital marketing is all that embracing convenience and efficiency and having those core values at the forefront of every strategy that comes out of that space. And today, digital marketing strategy is like SEO are more valuable and more in them and they have ever been due largely to the fact that not only are they consistently been built upon but they are doing so in a way that is being navigated and powered forward, onward and upward buy more interesting investment then we have ever seen.

Understanding SEO in the digital marketing space

As is the case for many digital marketing strategies out there, it is important to understand how SEO slots into this space as well as its valuable role. Ultimately, today the surge in demand for SEO and SEO agencies like SEO Dubai has resulted in more of a steadfast focus not only on how SEO fits into digital marketing but also how it is able to hold its own as a digital marketing strategy that cannot only meet every expectation but exceed it as time goes on well into the future and beyond (if not forever).


Grasping The regulations Surrounding the Australia ETA

Throughout the evolution of travel, there has been quite a lot of focus on not only empowering travel to new heights but also allowing it to continue to adapt and evolve as time goes on. It is no secret that the world around us becomes bolder and better all the time and we have seen a tremendous focus not only on what has worked but also what is going to be most effective moving forward not just in the field of trouble but in the world and general. We are seeing more and more focus and understanding surrounding how we can approach and understand different parts of life as we know it as well as how we can move towards more meaningful unsustainable ways forward.

For different parts of the world, there is quite a lot of emphasis on the fact that different parts of the world do indeed have different processes required in order to be able to enter and travel throughout the destination. And put some parts of the world, it is very different to even and neighbouring country so it is abundantly important for individuals wanting to travel throughout the world that should be aware and understanding of not only hard to understand the visa process is but also how to travel in accordance with them in order to be able to have the most legitimate add convenient and efficient experience possible.

More international interest in travelling to Australia

There is today more interesting investment than ever before in travelling to Australia. As a result, what we are seeing more and more of these are the height and awareness of not only one Australia has to offer but also how interested individuals can experience it for themselves is resulting in an incredible amount of opportunity and understanding to be able to take advantage of the trouble rules and regulations throughout the country as well as what they offer for individuals wanting to take full advantage of those rules and regulations.

Grasping the regulations surrounding the Australian ETA

The Australia ETA is essentially an electronic visa that is required by citizens from every other country apart from New Zealand. This visa requires individuals to give up personal information such as their personal details, their intent of trouble, the date that they are expected to arrive in the country, a valid passport, and a valid email address and health and character requirements for all foreign visitors. This visa is valid for up to a year from the date of approval and it allows individuals to be able to gain access to Australian travel with ease and transparency more than ever before.

Why this is so important for everyone to adhere to

The fact is that just like any other part of the world, the visa requirements to enter Australia puts in place to protect the nation, its citizens, as well as the travelers that are wanting to experience Australia for themselves. it is important for everyone to it here to the ETA rules of outlined in the visa process because it is essentially protects everybody involved and allows for a streamlined approached with convenient and efficient travel from the moment that somebody chooses to put Australia on the travel list to the moment that they are actually having the experience and even there after. The ETA is well and truly here to stay (at least, for the foreseeable future).


Eating for Health and Choosing the Right Dietary Supplements


There is something about food, beyond its functions for taste and use for sustenance, that makes it such an important subject. An entire field of scientific study is dedicated to understanding what it is composed of, what nutrients it contains and how it interacts with the human body. This is because food has the ability to both kill and heal.

Growing up, it seemed we could eat whatever we liked without worrying too much about the impact of our dietary choices on our health. Our parents would insist that we eat our vegetables, drink lots of water and go easy on the candy. Entire classes in school would be dedicated to encouraging us to eat better. Many of us could not see what the fuss was about until much later.

We tend to give more consideration to what we eat as we grow older – and with good reason. Diet plays such an important role in our lives. It impacts our growth, size, skin, energy level, performance, mood and even sleep. Many are also realizing the importance of including supplements to their diet but usually can’t determine the exact kind they need or brand they should patronize. For instance, searching for CBD products UK will lead you to an array of good options of CBD oil supplements within your region but how do you determine which is right for you? 

A Bit About Supplements

Dietary supplements are tablets, oils, powder or gummies that are packed with vitamins, minerals, herbs and/or enzymes, to deliver essential nutrients directly to the body, in addition to a balanced diet. Supplements are, however, not magical substances. You still need to eat a balanced diet. Also, taking a large amount of a dietary supplement could be potentially harmful so like everything, usage of dietary supplements must be done in moderation. It is important that you know the recommended daily intake of the nutrient you are consuming and stick to it.

Talk to a Health Professional

Doctors and dieticians are equipped to understand your dietary needs and the exact dosage you require. But beyond considerations on dosage required, there are also risks of using them in place of prescription drugs, combining wrong supplements or using them with medicines that could lead to a bad reaction. In order to avoid these, it is important to provide full disclosure on your health history, conditions, allergies and other relevant information they might require to enable them to guide you. 

It is also important that you ask them questions on supplements they prescribe or the ones you intend to use – such as the reason for their use, cost, effectiveness, possible side effects and how to use them. This is because a study revealed that physicians are not particularly good at conveying important information concerning dietary supplements. Taking responsibility to steer the conversation in the right direction might be your only chance to make the best out of the consultation.

Pay Attention to the Ingredients, and the Fine Print

Be sure to carefully read the ingredients on the label of every dietary supplement you are considering. Also take time to research and learn about the ingredients, especially, if they are such that you are unfamiliar with. While looking at the ingredients, it is important to look out for substances that you are allergic. You could take it a step further by researching the product online to be sure that it does not contain undeclared ingredients – and which it contains if it does.

Pay close attention to the warnings contained on the label to see what combinations of the supplements and medicines or other supplements are harmful. Like you would if you were buying a drug, read everything contained on the label and be sure you understand them before you use them.

Look for Third Party Verification

Supplements are not required to be third-party tested or approved. There are some brands, however, who allow their products to undergo testing to assure consumers of quality. 

If you have dietary restrictions because of your profession, medical condition or religion, you could confirm from the third-party verification contained on the label if the supplement is safe for you to use. 

Buy from a Verified Source

In order to avoid buying fake and ineffective products, it is always advisable to buy directly from the source, their approved agent channels or reputable pharmacies. Most companies that produce dietary supplements have an official website or a dedicated domain where their authentic products can be purchased. Others, in addition to this, list their agents or sales channels to guide their customers to their authentic products.

Many counterfeit brands imitate original products with low quality, fake or potentially harmful ingredients to make money off unsuspecting customers. 

If you suspect that you have bought a fake product, report to the appropriate authority immediately to investigate and if your suspicion started after you had used the product, report to a doctor to test and certify that you haven’t consumed any harmful substance.


Benefits of Virtual Team Building Activities


Team building has long been known to help improve workplace relationships and bring team members together. The shift to remote work has helped many workers find enhanced work-life balance, but remote work has also increased the demand for team-building activities. Whether your team is working remotely due to health concerns or if you are separated by distance, virtual team-building activities can bring you all together and help your team work together. Here are some of the benefits of virtual team-building activities. 

What is Virtual Team Building?

Team building is the practice of getting everyone together to complete activities, attend an event, share a meal or just enjoy one another’s company. The activity helps coworkers connect outside of work, which can prove beneficial when working together and taking care of business. Virtual team building is a type of virtual corporate events that comes in many forms, allowing team members to connect and share an experience without being together in person.

Due to the time and cost involved, team-building activities are often overlooked. It may seem crazy to bring everyone together and to purposefully not work. However, team-building activities can provide long-term benefits. Selecting a virtual event that is already organized will save team members time and allow everyone to enjoy the event as an involved and engaged participant.

Team Building Benefits

Team building events can come in many forms, but similar results can be expected from whatever type of event is organized. Getting everyone together to share an experience can help coworkers connect, translating into improved working relationships.

1. Improved Communication

Team building activities create a more relaxed and fun environment separate from demanding and sometimes stressful work situations. The laid-back team-building event can allow coworkers to learn more about one another and give people something to talk about besides work. This increased communication can help team members connect and better discuss and take on work-related issues.

2. Increased Productivity

Improved communication leads to increased productivity. When employees are comfortable communicating with one another, they are more likely to reach out, discuss concerns, and troubleshoot possible issues. Improved communication and collaboration lead to increased productivity.

3. Keep People Connected

Remote work has proven to be a great experience in many regards, but it can be isolating. Many people find themselves lonely after working from home, especially for an extended period of time. That regular interaction of chatting with someone after running into them in the kitchen or passing in a hallway is gone. Getting everyone together, even if it is over Zoom or some kind of virtual meetup, replicates the experience of working in the same physical location. Virtual team-building events provide an opportunity for coworkers to catch up and interact with each other outside of the requirements of work.

Team building is also a great way to bring people together who may not usually have a reason or a chance to talk. Getting people together can help strengthen bonds across departments and may prove helpful for future projects and endeavors.

4. Build Moral

Team building activities can create excitement about working together and being part of a team. Employees will also appreciate the effort taken by management to organize a team-building event. Organizing a team-building event shows employees that their bosses care about and value them and that their supervisors want to invest in the team.

5. Mental Health Improvement

Work can be stressful as deadlines approach and unexpected problems surface. Also, the past couple of years have been stressful for team members in different ways, so it is possible and likely that some people may be dealing with more anxiety and worry. Increased stress and uncertainty can take a toll on individuals and can negatively impact the team.

Taking a step back to enjoy time spent together without the responsibilities of work weighing on everyone can help team members clear their minds and improve mental health. Taking a mental health break can help each individual, which will build a stronger team.

6. Have Fun

Virtual team-building activities help strengthen a team by bringing everyone together, which is undoubtedly good for the team. However, team-building activities are also an opportunity for individuals to have fun, relax and take a break from the demands of their job. Enjoying one another’s company or sharing an experience can simply be an entertaining way to pass some time.

Help Your Team

Planning a virtual team-building activity will keep your team connected even when distance keeps them apart. Team building activities have also been practical and helpful in creating a solid and effective team, and as remote work becomes the new normal, there is an increased need and demand for virtual team building. Team building activities provide a host of benefits that will ultimately help each employee and the team as a whole. If you are looking for a way to help improve communication and productivity while building morale and relieving stress, then a virtual team-building activity may just be the thing.


How to Monetize Your Online Marketplace

So, you’ve come up with an idea to build a multi-vendor marketplace, and you want it to be successful. But how can you make it reliable and desirable for selling goods and services? Before we go any further, you should ask one crucial question: what is the best way to make money in your particular case? 

To start with your online marketplace, you should look into other platforms. Consider both large and small, close-to-home online marketplaces. They’re likely to be the websites that show how you can make a profit. No matter the scale, most marketplaces have adopted very similar solutions.

This article looks at the most successful business models in e-commerce that make money for the marketplaces.

Commission Model

The commission model implies charging a fee or percentage for each transaction made on the website. The commission is also called transaction fee, take rate, or rake. A marketplace can take a commission from sellers or buyers, or both. That depends on which side is a priority for the marketplace owner.

Many successful platforms use the commission model, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Uber. Most transaction fees fall between 5% to 20%. Service platforms vary from 15 to 25% as the service will be lost if not sold, for example, a night in a hotel.

The commission model has many advantages. It saves the seller’s efforts to get as much traffic as if they were selling through marketing. It also eliminates the need for the seller to spend time building up their customer list and developing other sources of income.

The challenge here is that your platform needs to provide enough value for the users. Install a secure, easy and flexible payment system. This will build trust in your platform and encourage buyers to purchase more.

Subscription Model

The marketplace owner can offer access to the products and/or services on their website by subscribing users for a periodic fee. For example, after paying the subscription fee, sellers will have access to a database of buyers on the platform.

A great deal of marketplace success has been based on the subscription model. For example, such a model is used in home switch sites (Love Home Swap, Home Exchange) and dating sites (Tinder, OKCupid). LinkedIn and StackOverflow Careers use this approach for giving access to their talent base.

Another example is Docplanner. This is an international website that covers the countries of Europe and South America. They charge doctors for access to software solutions available on the platform. Their premium subscription includes online consultations, online payments, keeping medical documents, etc.

The subscription model is popular among service providers. They join the platforms that suggest easy handling of booking and activity planning (Eversports). At StyleSeat, the subscribed providers get paid even if their clients don’t show up.

The subscription model provides sellers with ownership and a sense of continuity. It eliminates the problems associated with trying to collect payment from an unknown, anonymous person. For buyers, this model is helpful because they can pay the sellers directly or in smaller amounts that are more manageable.

To be successful with the subscription model, offer discounts or free use for early adopters. Gaining enough user base leads you to a more profitable commission model.

Listing Fee Model

Here the website owner does not charge users for access but instead collects a fee for listing their products. The website takes this fee from the sellers for letting them post their products on the marketplace. The listing fees are useful when providers want to sell particular items without a permanent subscription.

A prominent example of a marketplace with this model is Craigslist. This is a selection of local websites. Vendors and service providers put their listings for free on this website. But in particular categories, as job and apartment offers in some cities, Craigslist raises a fee for each listing.

This model suits the marketplaces where articles are special and valuable. The sellers want to get more revenue from each item that they have listed. So they care about the quality and uniqueness of their products. For example, Etsy ensures that the vintage items listed by sellers are more than 20 years old and charges vendors $0.20 per item per 4 months.

The only drawback of this model is that it is much harder to measure the success of a website. For example, if your website sells something cheap like e-books, it is easy to tell how many sales you had. But with a listing fee model, it’s hard to know for sure. You could have 10,000 unique offers and 2 sales, or 100 uniques and 20 sales.

Freemium Model

Freemium monetization is a way to make money online by offering a free version of your service. This version includes limited features for everyone who visits your site. Upon gaining enough users for your website, you then offer a premium version with more features to those willing to pay.

For example, Hootsuite offers 30-day trials and demos. To access more features, users need to make monthly payments. Also, the platform offers custom solutions for separate prices.

How do you know if your users will respond to this approach? The only real way to find out is to test.

However, there are a few guidelines that can make the process easier. First, make sure that your free offer is very compelling. If you offer email but only deliver three messages free, you won’t make any money with this model. But if you offer unlimited email delivery for an extra charge, you may find success with this approach.

The problem with the freemium model is that the paid services need to be valuable enough and entice a broad audience to pay the fee.


You have many choices when it comes to making money from online marketplaces, both today and in the future. Choose a model that suits your platform best, or combine the approaches. What you decide to do now will influence your marketplace for years to come. I hope this guide has inspired you and given valuable ideas.


3 tips to save on an unmissable vacation in Egypt what to visit and see

Egypt is a destination that attracts many tourists from all over the world. Regardless of whether you want to visit the country for its historical importance, architectural wonders such as the pyramids or the local food, it can be useful to know some tricks to save on Egypt vacations .

Organizing your vacation can become extremely complicated, especially if they don’t know the right tools, ending up paying more than necessary or not being able to visit all the places you want. Let’s see below some tips for a stellar Egypt vacation, spending less.

Which cities to visit in Egypt?

Before seeing how to save, let’s talk about the places to visit in Egypt. These are so many, which is why you may have uncertainties and doubts about what to do. Plus, you often don’t have enough time to do everything you want, which is why it’s even more important to have clear ideas about what to choose.

Here are some places not to be missed in Egypt:

  • Luxor. Defined as the largest open-air museum in the world, following its location near the ancient city of Thebes, Luxor is undoubtedly a destination of great historical and cultural value, where you can see the Karnak complex and the Kings’ Valley.
  • Aswan. A key city for the defense of ancient Egypt, Aswan has played a key role in economic and political terms for thousands of years.
  • Marsa Alam. In the past a small fishing village, today Marsa Alam is a tourist destination bathed by the Red Sea where it is possible to admire various marine beauties, such as the coral reef.
  • Dahab. Definable as a lost jewel in the desert, Dahab is the right destination for those who want to immerse themselves completely in Arab culture.
  • Sharm El Sheikh. Undoubtedly one of the most visited destinations in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh does not need many introductions. Hotels, restaurants and luxury resorts are the masters and are the reason why many decide to spend their holidays here.
  • Cairo. Impossible not to include in the list the heart of Egypt, Cairo, the capital with over 10 million inhabitants. Despite the modernization of recent years, the city still allows you to breathe the Egyptian culture, especially if you go near the pyramids.

It should be noted that there are two possibilities to visit the places presented above. The first is to stay for at least one night each city, moving around the country using public transport or private shuttles. This option is suitable for the more adventurous people.

The second option is dedicated to those who prefer to have a more relaxing holiday. Several Nile cruises companies make a week-long journey stopping every day at one of the locations listed above.

How to save money for a trip to Egypt.

Book your vacation in advance. The first rule to save for your trip to Egypt is to book in advance. Despite this, how early? Usually, it is recommended at least three months in advance, however it is possible to find affordable offers up to two weeks before departure.

Pay by card. Most locations in Egypt allow you to pay by card. The local currency is the Egyptian pound. The euro has a higher value; however, it is not recommended to exchange cash. The best exchange rates are those accessible by paying directly with your credit or debit card.

Choose an all-inclusive package. The last option to save is to opt for an all-inclusive vacation package. Usually, these packages include various guided excursions and overnight stays in different locations, at a lower price. Some of these special packages can be booked via the following link with full assistance and a free itinerary. Customize your trip now: with Luxor and Aswan Travel.