5 Top Careers To Start With A Computer Science Degree

There are several top careers to start with a computer science degree. According to recent data, computer occupations are projected to grow by over 10% through 2030. Indeed, computer science degrees qualify students to work in some of the most in-demand tech fields. For example, improving technologies are rapidly expanding design, development, and analysis tech positions. As a computer science major, you need to know the top careers you can start when you graduate. This way, you can better understand which industries need tech professionals. Plus, you can tailor your course schedule and field experience to match your job interests. Read on to learn about the top careers to start with a computer science degree. 

Web Developer 

First, a web developer is one of the top job positions you can secure with a computer science degree. Typically, these tech professionals build, maintain, and design websites. Notably, some web developers focus on front-end features, such as design and layout. On the other hand, back-end web developers ensure the site communicates properly with other systems that connect to the site. Often, these professionals use their knowledge of data structures, programming logic, and mapping information to ensure the site works as intended. This way, they can bridge the gap between desired web functionality and the systems the organization uses. Plus, employment growth for this career is projected to grow nearly 13% through 2030. Thus, a web development career is one of the best careers you can pursue with a computer science degree.

QA/Test Engineer 

Next, quality assurance (QA) or test engineers is another top career you can start with a computer science degree. In this position, you typically write code to conduct tests. In addition, you may manually test actions a potential user might do to search for bugs. Many QA engineers also use advanced testing tools to ensure code is functioning properly. For example, you can install a Vulnerability scanning tool, such as JFrog Xray to gain visibility in your underlying layers and dependencies. This way, you can identify which artifacts contain any violated components and fix them before deployment. Notably, you can also use this scanning tool to locate security and license violations as well. In short, consider pursuing a career as a QA/test engineer to enable secure, high-functioning applications.

Computer System Analyst

In addition, a computer system analyst is another top career for computer science majors. As known as system architects, these professionals usually study a business’s computer systems, networks, and protocols. Then, they find ways to make them work more efficiently. In this position, you also work with clients to find and solve problems within databases and handle complaints from users. Additionally, you may conduct cost/benefit analysis to evaluate a company’s IT investments. Simultaneously, you may research new technology and evaluate its potential benefits as well. Often, system analysts specialize in computer systems for a specific industry, such as finance. Absolutely, consider a career as a computer system analyst if you want to combine your computer science technical and business knowledge.  

Information Security Analyst 

Moreover, an information security analyst is another top career you can pursue with a computer science degree. As an information security analyst, you oversee computer network systems to prevent security breaches. In addition, you maintain systems and recommend security updates as needed. Many information security analysts also work with employees to help them understand new programs and hardware. With the growing prevalence of hackers, many companies are hiring information security analysts. Indeed, the field of information security analysis is projected to grow over 30% through 2028. Notably, this growth rate is much faster than average. 

Computer & Information Research Scientists 

Furthermore, you can also start a career as a computer and information research scientist with your computer science degree. Importantly, these professionals invent technology to solve problems in science, medicine, and business. In addition, they find new uses for existing technology as well. In this field, you also write algorithms to detect and analyze patterns in large datasets. Some computer and information research scientists also create programs that control robots as well. According to recent data, employment is projected to grow by nearly 15% through 2029. 

There are several top careers to start with a computer science degree. First, you can use your computer science degree to break into the web development field. Next, a test engineer is perfect if you’re interested in security or quality assurance testing. In addition, many computer science majors become a computer system analyst as well. Moreover, you can also pursue a job as an information security analyst. Furthermore, computer and information research science is another high-demand field for computer science. Consider these points to learn about the top careers to start with a computer science degree.

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