Importance of Shooting Glasses


While spending time on the gun range can definitely be fun, it’s still important to come prepared. After all, shooting is serious business – regardless of whether it’s at a gun range or not. If you’re a newbie, you’ll find that there’s tons of equipment you’ll need before you’ve ever fired your first shot, at least if you want to do it safely (which you definitely do).

Shooting glasses are a good example – they’re one of the basic safety prerequisites for every gun range. But why are they so important for your shooting experience, and how do you choose the best shooting glasses out there?

Don’t worry – we’ll delve into all the details on this vital piece of gun range equipment below. 

Why Do I Need Safety Glasses For Shooting?

Well, there are a couple of reasons you’d want to have your safety glasses with you while you’re at the gun range. And all of those reasons have to do with one basic aspect of the gun range: protection.

The whole point of the range is to give you a controlled environment for practicing your marksmanship. And if that environment isn’t completely safe, the whole purpose is kinda defeated.

So, the primary reason you’re using those safety glasses is to protect yourself from debris. When you’re doing a ton of firing, bits of powder or hot brass can easily start flying off around you – sometimes landing square in your eyes. 

On top of being incredibly painful, this turn of events would mean serious injuries. However, shooting glasses absolve you of that danger; any small debris is easily deflected, and it doesn’t even have the chance to cause harm to your eyes. 

And besides that, your shooting glasses will provide sun protection as well. If you’re shooting in the great outdoors, you’re constantly exposed to the UV rays of the sun – which can be pretty harmful. On top of general eye fatigue, too much time spent squinting and staring at targets out in direct sunlight can slowly reduce your eyesight as time goes on. 

However, shooting glasses easily filter out damaging UV rays and help you retain the healthy eyesight you deserve. 

Also, these shooting glasses do a great job of increasing your accuracy. You get a clearer look at your target, and there’s less flinching – the reflex has us involuntarily turning away or closing our eyes before we fire the gun. It’s perfectly natural, but it causes us to miss – and safety glasses help remove that from the equation, which means you’ll have an easier time making the hit you’re after. 

How To Choose Your Shooting Glasses

As important as shooting glasses are, you’ll find that each pair isn’t great for everyone; the fact that they’re a good fit for someone else doesn’t mean they’ll suit you the same way. Every one of us has a different facial structure, different needs, and at the end of the day, different eyes. And that means you need to know what you’re looking for. You can find a few suggestions below. 


The majority of shooting glasses out there is supposed to be one size fits all – but that doesn’t mean each model is the same size. So, before putting down your hard-earned money for shooting eyewear, check its dimensions first. You need to be certain that they’ll actually fit the specifics of your face, and you need to verify that you’re comfortable with them.

The goal here is finding a pair of perfectly snug glasses – they sit firmly without moving across your face, but they’re not tight enough to be painful. Of course, if they’re too big, the glasses will just slide off your face, so you don’t want that either.


Naturally, when you’re buying pretty much anything, the product’s price is a major concern – and shooting glasses are no exception in this regard. However, you’ll find that the most expensive ones on the market aren’t necessarily the best choice – while the most affordable ones tend to be made with low-quality materials. 

So, instead of thinking about the most or least expensive stuff, decide on the budget you’re willing to spend before you start browsing, and then find the best models that fit your price range. 

Lens Coverage

Ordinary glasses only provide coverage for your eyes. However, high-quality shooting glasses have lenses that are big enough to cover the area around your eyes as well and protect it from flying debris – or even wraparound lenses. See what kind of lens coverage shooting glasses will get you before buying – it’ll be important during tactical training, your time at the range, or even during combat. 

Frame Material

Generally, people opt for shooting glasses manufactured from lightweight materials, which aren’t distracting while shooting. Plastic is one of them, but that’s the cheapest option that doesn’t give you a lot of durability. Titanium, silicone, and rubber are some of the other options – more expensive but more dependable. 

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