Benefits Offered by Compounding Pharmacies over Conventional Pharmacies

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What are compounded drugs? According to the FDA, these are created by altering, combining or mixing ingredients personalized to a patient’s specific, needs. 

Top compounding pharmacies in New York ( NY ) like Mediserv Pharmacy offer customized compounding solutions, including dental, veterinary, pediatric and pain management. They also provide free pick-up and delivery in all parts of Bronx & New York.  

Unlike drugs offered by conventional pharmaceutical companies that are approved by the FDA, compounded drugs are approved by the state boards in USA. Here are their benefits over medications offered by traditional pharmacies. 

Pleasant Flavors

Flavors of particular medicines may be unpleasant to you. Then you may find it difficult to take them. However, a compounding pharmacy can help you. It usually has experts who can customize drugs to contain flavors of your choice. This can be useful for pets, elderly patients and children who don’t like the taste of some medications and push them away.  


Medications offered by conventional pharmacies cannot be custom-made. So, they may contain ingredients to which you are allergic. These may be lactose, gluten, alcohol and more. Also, you may fail to tolerate excipients like fillers and preservatives in commercially available medicines due to sensitivity to these substances. However, compounding pharmacies can formulate medications in a tailored way without any problematic ingredients. 

Address Rare Medical Conditions

Sometimes, you may have unusual or resistant health conditions and cannot be helped by conventional allopathic medicines from ordinary pharmaceutical companies. However, compounding pharmacies may come up with a special treatment plan with a unique blend of ingredients to address your condition. If you need such a service from a compounding pharmacy in NYC, look for the “best compounding pharmacy near me”. 

Access to Discontinued Medications

When large manufacturers cease to produce certain drugs, you can find it hard to get them to fill your prescriptions. However, a compounding pharmacy can offer you discontinued medications since they may succeed to recreate pharma-based ingredients. Such a pharmacy often has access to high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients. Therefore, it may fill your prescription using a quality control process, modern techniques and the latest research to cater to your unique needs. 

Alternative Dosage Forms

You may need a different kind of dosage for a drug. For instance, if you find it difficult to swallow pills, you may like to take them in a liquid form. Specific medications can also be compounded in topical forms (like a cream or a gel) to allow the skin to directly absorb them into your bloodstream. These may be preferred if you have conditions like mouth ulcers. Compounding experts can personalize the dosage form of medications so that it suits you.  

The annualized market size growth of compounding pharmacies in the US between 2017 and 2022 has been 2.7%, according to the figures released by IBISWorld. This is perhaps due to the several benefits offered by them. 

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