6 Understated but Classy Ideas for Your Engagement


Proposing is a big moment in both of your lives, and there are a million films and friends out there to show you how it could be done. But what if your partner is more of an understated, classy type of person? Here’s how to get engaged in a way that suits your personalities.

Huge romantic gestures with hundreds of onlookers might be what some people want, but to other people, this would be their worst nightmare. Bigger isn’t always necessarily better, and knowing your partner and respecting their personality is the first rule to giving them an engagement they will love. And remember that even if you are the all-out grand gesture type of person – but your partner isn’t – this is not your moment. It’s the moment you want to give to them.

While knowing your partner is the first step towards getting engaged in the style they will want, you’ll need to do a lot more planning to arrange something that will tick all their boxes. Here are some ideas to help get you started. 

1. Under The Stars

If an understated but perfectly romantic engagement is the aim, then plan an engagement in the great outdoors. This way you won’t risk being in a restaurant or venue full of curious onlookers, and you can have the moment to yourselves. Just because your partner probably doesn’t want dozens of people watching doesn’t mean you can’t draft in some help. Hiring a chef and waiter to cook and serve you a meal from an Airstream trailer somewhere underneath the stars could be the perfect understated surprise.

2. Get A Custom Ring

Something your partner will really appreciate when you propose to them is if you have got a custom ring made for them. Custom engagement rings mean your very own personalities are infused into the design, and you can have an input into everything from the exact diamond you buy, to the intricate design of the ring itself. Adding a personalized inscription is a final touch that many people truly appreciate. 

3. Organize A Perfect Day

If you’re planning to propose to your loved one in the evening, you could plan their idea of the perfect day beforehand. This doesn’t mean doing all the action sports they have ever wanted to do, but instead all the things you know you both really enjoy doing as a couple. Grab some ingredients from the farmer’s market and cook a lazy brunch together, go for a long walk in scenery you love, and sit outside with a glass of wine before you get ready to go out in the evening. Put your own stamp on it and make it your perfect day. When you look back on the day as a couple, your loved one will realize how much thought you put into making it just right.

4. Do It In A Book

If your partner loves to read real books, this can be a perfectly understated tool to use to help you propose. Replace the bookmark with your own bespoke bookmark with a handwritten note on it. It could say ‘marry me?’ or it could be a message inviting her to come and join you outdoors for a moment. If you’re waiting with the champagne and a ring box, it will be a wonderful surprise at a usually very normal part of the day. You could apply this concept to anything if your other half is not into books. For example, you could put a note by the coffee machine in the morning to create a similar scene.

5. Book A Manicure

One very simple way to prepare your loved one for an engagement is to book them a surprise manicure during the day. If you don’t want them to catch on that you might be popping the question later, say you won it as a prize in a raffle at work! Then when you propose later, perfect nails will be in place for the first photos of the engagement ring. It’s a small detail that the classier type of person will really enjoy.

6. Get Up High

While a hot air balloon proposal might be a bit overblown for your loved one, and popping the question at the top of a popular skyscraper might be too public, it is still possible to propose at a height. People tend to get a soaring feeling of freedom and happiness when they are higher than usual, making it a great option for proposing. Simply find an alternative spot that offers a little more privacy. For example, proposing on a Ferris wheel at a fairground in the middle of the day when not many people are around is a totally unexpected way for it to happen. You’ll enjoy your own private moment and the views, yet when you get off at the end of the ride, you’ll hopefully be an engaged couple.

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