How to Choose The Best Mobile App Development Company in 2021 (7 tips)?

Not much has changed in 2021 when it comes to choosing mobile app development companies.

Except only for the headache, which has just grown over a couple of thousand times.. (1)

(with many new app development companies coming into reality). 😉

That’s right!

The little virus has pushed for many start-ups, and there seems to be no dearth of mobile app development companies in 2021— which only toughens your task.

But let’s make everything brief for you.

If you’re going to pick one of the companies for you— they should have:

  • brilliant developing minds who can take on your projects, head on
  • collaborative skills and ability to give input during the development phase
  • problem-solving and improvisation skills for your business
  • enough experience to deal with the latest technology stack

Besides this, you can look for these qualities in top mobile app development companies:

  • broader perspective
  • fantastic analytical skills
  • excellent UI/UX skills

And they should also have fulfilling factors such as:

  • reputation
  • loyalty
  • hard work
  • trust

Now that you know a few essential qualities…

H2 Let’s choose the best mobile app development companies for your business in 2021

So here we hop on the tips (in no particular order)

H3 Tip #1 Start with crazy searches

You’re the think tank of your business.

There’s literally no one who knows your business more than you.

So it’s justifiable that you start with the best research from your end.

You role-play as Google.

You crawl around the internet to look for the ideal profile that suits your needs.

You get yourself the most relevant results.

Don’t worry! It’s not that tough.

You can find the concise list through

  • social media
  • references
  • search engines

H4 Things you want to consider to make the list

  • The geographic location
  • The brand recognition
  • The pricing structure
  • Customer reviews and feedback
  • Social presence
  • Cost variability based on location

H3 Tip #2 Dive deeper into their portfolios

We’re assuming you’ve searched for the targeted companies.

Now fasten your belt to separate the wheat from the chaff!

All you need to do is to hunt for the best portfolio.

How does it help?

Well, portfolio gives you insight on:

  • Their technical expertise
  • Business domain
  • Project theme
  • Previous projects
  • Client testimonials

H4 Things you’d want to ask yourself:

  • Does their mobile app development portfolio fit your vibe?
  • Do you like their app designing style?

H4 Things you’d want to ask them:

  • What’s their app build process?
  • Do they have experience on similar projects in the past?
  • Can they have words with their past clients?
  • Do they maintain the app after it’s completed?
  • Do they give a round of edits or revisions when needed?
  • Will you have hands over the original files?

H3 Tip #3 Look for happy clients

No one answers your mobile app development queries better than happy (and, of course, some sad clients).

Not a huge secret, but they’ve been in your place once.

They know if the company stood by their words.

So you can ask for client contact directly with soft requests like…

“Hey, we really liked your portfolio and it would be great to partner with you. But do you mind passing some of the contacts to affirm our stand?”

You’re basically looking into the existing projects and technologies of your selected company.

H4 Why client testimonial is important

  • Clients naturally trust each other
  • They’re more trustable than marketing collateral
  • They add more weight to the decision making
  • You’ve everything right in front of your eyes

H3 Tip #4 Test their apps

There’s not much difference between a car and an app.

You would definitely go for a test drive before getting yourself a car.

Won’t you?

You have to do pretty much the same with mobile apps.

Ask them to “test drive” their past apps.

Should you need more clarity on mobile apps— you can deploy the app to your end-users too.

How would that help?

  • It’s like a usability test even before spending your money on a personal app.
  • You get a lot of helpful insight for the upcoming app.
  • You can spend a couple of days sorting out the do’s and don’ts for your website.

H3 Tip #5 Check out their transparency policy

Another essential aspect that you need to clarify with the company:

  • Product development cycle
  • Transparency policy

Product development cycle will:

  • guide your business as it moves ahead from one stage to another
  • outline the stages the app will pass

Transparency policy will clear if the mobile app development company

  • is serious with the feedback loop,
  • takes prompt actions for error,
  • changes the requests

It would be great if you also went with the company that’s willing to go with the agile methodology of project management. (2)

Agile methodology

  • keeps all the information at different stages of the development in check
  • helps faster development
  • promotes transparent communication

Your selected pick should have a transparent communication system so that the project never runs out of your sight.

Get into a daily or weekly status report to keep yourself updated about the work done.

H3 Tip #6 See if they meet your budget

Now we are talking business!

The most crucial factor for choosing mobile app development companies would be the budget.

You’re looking for the company that fixes the budget puzzle.

Go a bit flexible if:

  • there’s a sense of complexity in your project
  • the overall period is uncertain

You also have to keep several factors in mind that can affect the budget of your project:

  • Who’s going to handle your project— a freelancer or company?
  • What’s your pick— hybrid or native app?
  • What platform do you need the app for— iOS or android?
  • What’re the functionalities you’re rooting for in your app?
  • What’s the level of app security?
  • Where is development happening, geographically?

If you already own a mobile application— a credible company would give an honest recommendation on whether

  • you need a new application
  • Or a bit of tweak can fix your problems

Even if they want to have a new application developed for you, ask them three good reasons why they can’t fix the old app!

Let there be a flow of organic trust with your development company.

H3 Tip #7 Don’t settle on bad or mediocre maintenance

Since apps need constant updates and bug fixes, chances are high you’re never settling for bad or mediocre maintenance companies.

You can either:

  • Choose a company with short-maintenance commitment (for a few days or months after the app deployment)
  • Or you can sign a long term agreement for support

Depending on how early you want issues to be solved— you can have clarity about it.

So you’d like to partner with a web development company interested in your overall business more than just creating the app.

It’s the company’s interest in your business that shall guide the mobile app development with ease.

H2 The conclusive argument

Picking the perfect mobile app development companies is not rocket science.

But if you walk over these easy tips, things may get a little dicey for you.

Since you’re investing a lot of money and time, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to make an informed decision.



Author Bio: Brijesh Jakharia

Brijesh Jakharia co-founded SPINX Digital in 2005 and takes great pride in crafting web and mobile marketing solutions for mid-market businesses to enterprises. Marketing is his passion and the thrill to build a brand from the ground up has helped him craft successful brand stories for world-class clients. While not at work, he loves to spend his time on research and reading digital content stories.

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