You’ve reached the official Oregon State University Extension Association (OSUEA) website. Here, you can learn about OSUEA and what we do, and access documents containing membership information, details related to recognition opportunities and potential professional development sessions.


The mission of OSUEA is to unite and represent Extension professionals as the premier educators of Oregon adult and youth learners, who comprise the diverse communities of our state. OSUEA will provide its members with professional development and leadership opportunities; peer recognition; and opportunities for strengthening relationships among its members across disciplines.

Our Vision:

As Extension professionals, all OSUEA members feel valued, supported, and involved. OSUEA is a caring organization which recognizes its members for outstanding contributions, provides adequate professional development funds, and supports its members in maintaining balanced professional and personal lives. There is a strong partnership between Extension Administration and OSUEA, each having clear and distinctly defined roles. OSUEA champions the Extension method of teaching and learning throughout all levels of the University.

Our Values:

  • Representing all Extension professionals as one unit.
  • Our partnerships with affiliate associations, Extension Administration, the whole University, and all communities in Oregon.
  • Opportunities to have a “voice” in shaping the future of Oregon Extension and the whole University.
  • Our past, which teaches us about the present and directs us into the future.
  • Opportunities for its members to spend time together learning, laughing, and cheering one another onward.

Updated: November 2022

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