You’ve got a problem, we’ve got a project. 

Is your garden home to this problematic pest? 

(Photo) Cornu aspersum (also known as Helix aspersa; European Brown Garden Snail)

The slug and snail experts at OSU want your samples for a new USDA-funded project. 

In fact, if you’re in Western Oregon with a significant number of these slimy shelled mollusks, they’d like to come pull samples every few weeks. 

Or, you can even mail them in. 

Please contact Rory Mc Donnell and his lab via email or phone for details on how to get involved. Tel: +1 541 737 6146.

Thank you Master Gardeners for helping science at OSU!

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One Reply to “You’ve got a problem, we’ve got a project. ”

  1. I just crushed a lot of the baby snails. They were never a problem until about 3 years ago. I would be happy to pass them on to the study.

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