Corinne’s story: supporting the things you love

“I’m donating today on Dam Proud Day because I believe in supporting the things I care most about, and at the top of my list is the Master Gardener program.

I love plants and I love people. Master Gardening is a perfect combination! I have been a life-time educator, and my Extension service gives me the opportunity to continue my learning and give to my community. 

I especially enjoy working with young people. Children have a wonderful natural drive to ask questions and learn more. Their sense of wonder and intense desire to explore always keeps me on my toes. 

I think it’s important for everyone, of all ages and abilities, to have access to the natural environment and to be able to experience hands-on opportunities to discover how they fit into our world.  Garden education is important for us to understand who we are, where our food comes from and the importance of caring for other living things around us.”

Today is a rare opportunity for making a significant difference in supporting Seed to Supper and updating our Master Gardener curriculum. You can join Corinne’s giving, at any level, today on Dam Proud Day.
Challenge grants have been made to double our funds! Come check our progress and see the names of your fellow Master Gardeners who are committing to support this vitally important program. Will you add your name to the list?

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