Jack’s story: fighting food insecurity in Oregon one garden at a time

“I grew up having to help my parents in a garden and for many years saw gardening as a source of drudgery and boredom. In young adulthood, I finally saw the positives of gardening when a garden with a friend actually fed us when we needed the food. Over the years I learned many joys of gardening and informally helped many friends and neighbors in various places with gardening challenges. After retiring from a teaching career, I took the MG course because I thought it would help me be a better gardener. I sort of ignored the part about being a Garden Educator. Once I got involved, I found being a Master Gardener meets many of my physical, intellectual, and social interests.”

I am most proud of…”Increasing my ability to help many people solve gardening challenges using research-based methods and knowledge. I also feel proud of the work we do through the county Demonstration Garden where we have grown and distributed thousands of pounds of food over the years to many people for who it makes a significant difference.”

“Food insecurity continues to grow as a serious issue in Oregon. Through playing a part in helping people develop the ability to feed themselves, we are a resource in addressing this serious concern.

In this era of changing climate, the need for research-based gardening advice that adapts to changing conditions will continue to be useful.”

This is but one of the many stories of the OSU Extension Master Gardener program we’re sharing this month in honor of Dam Proud Day. On April 26, Beavers everywhere will come together to support the things we do best: transformative educational experiences and life-changing research.
We are excited to be raising support specifically for our Seed to Supper program and updating our foundational resource, the “Sustainable Gardening Handbook” to reflect current knowledge. Please join us in gathering your friends and colleagues to give to support the Master Gardener Program on Dam Proud Day, at any donation level. See you (online) April 26th!

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