Week 4: Project Requirements & Plans for Implementation

At the beginning of this week our group met to discuss, with our project lead the requirements for the submission of the project requirements document. While working on that, we each individually in our own groups did research, and reported our findings. My main post outlined my answers in an unordered list focusing on the main technical parts of the project. Other tools, such as Trello, and Visual studio code which we also plan to use to facilitate the project’s development. Next we as a group connected to completed the project requirements document, which went well, and returned to individual work such as posting to discussions. 

I also took some time this week to create a Trello account, with it I briefly tested out their service, and compared it to the other similar types I’ve found in my research such as this offline template. Overall the free tier should be suitable for this project, we can use their service to collaborate, and we need to pay to get features, such as permissions settings. That I did not like, however it should not affect the project overall, and with how we are working so far we should be alright moving forward without it for now. In the future when we work with it a bit more I will return with my experiences here.

Additionally I suspect more requirements may present themselves as time goes on, such as within the code itself. Shopify already details requirements for content for themes, by their review and requirements project. For the individual report I decided to focus on the data handling, mapping, and the UI interaction model that embeds the visualizations. So far the data collection seems to happen in the initial joining at All The Farms, and then again if the farmer connects to Shopify with the theme. For the future we may also need alternative templates when connecting the two.

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