Timely Teaching Tips: Integrating Care Practices Into Your Classroom – Weeks 7 and 8 Winter 2023

Integrating care practices into your classroom shows your students you care about their well-being.

The end of the term is in sight – both for you and your students. Centering self-care and support is more important than ever. The following tips highlight important considerations and campus resources to help you navigate student requests for in-class accommodations as well connecting them with campus units who can provide extensive support.

Break Strategies

Wondering how to help your students avoid burnout? Normalize the need for rest and self-care by taking a few minutes in class to discuss the importance of study breaks and giving students space to share their strategies. Consider sharing your own break strategies, 50 Ways to Take a Break and Break Ideas from the Academic Success Center.

Outreach and Referrals

Considering outreach to students at this important point in the term? Check out the Academic Success Center’s Outreach & Referrals page where you can explore approaches to outreach, read samples of outreach language and consider conversation strategies for resource referrals.

Extension Requests

Wondering how to handle student requests for extensions as the end of another challenging term approaches? Looking for ways to be fair and to exercise compassion and flexibility? See strategies and potential solutions from the Center for Teaching and Learning.

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Additional Timely Events & Resources!

This is just the tip of the resources available to teaching faculty! Join us in a Spring term professional development event.

Browse the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) website.

Request a one-on-one consultation with a CTL faculty or one-on-one help from a technology expert.

In addition, CTL Fellows in participating colleges are ready to engage in pedagogical conversations.

Timely Teaching Tips Series

Find these tips useful? There are more! In this series of blog posts, useful tips roll out every two to three weeks of the term. These tips draw from the short, just-in-time tips that have appeared in the OSU Today since 2020. They are a result of the collaborative efforts between the Center for Teaching and Learning and Academic Technologies, along with the support from Ecampus, the Academic Success Center, OSU Libraries, University Relations and Marketing, and others.

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