Timely Teaching Tips: Closing Out the Term with Success – Weeks 9, 10, and Finals Winter 2023

End the term with a strong close by sharing strategies and resources with your students that promote success!

In the final weeks of the term, consider dedicating a few minutes of your class to share guides designed to help students plan for closing out the term in an organized, informed, and intentional way. The hard work of completing final projects and assignments is up to your students, but you can have a significant impact by reminding them of available resources and by supporting their well-being.

Review Canvas Gradebook

Looking for ways to help your students successfully complete the term? Review your Canvas gradebook for accuracy. Make sure it’s fully up to date so students know their status in your course. Remind students that the Resources link in the global Canvas menu at the far left will connect them to many helpful Academic Success Center resources.

DAM Good Self-Care Packet

Do some of your students feel overwhelmed in the last half of the term? Sharing the DAM Good Self-Care Packet can highlight the importance of managing stress. Give 5-10 minutes at the start or end of class for students to fill out the Self-Care Plan (page 4) so they can identify self-care strategies to navigate stressful times.

Finals Survival Guide

Need tools to bolster student success on final projects and exams? The Academic Success Center’s Finals Survival Guide provides tools for planning the final weeks of the term while also attending to student health and well-being. Consider taking 10 minutes in class for students to fill out the calendar in the guide to encourage them to think ahead.

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Additional Timely Events & Resources!

This is just the tip of the resources available to teaching faculty! Join us in a Spring term professional development event.

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In addition, CTL Fellows in participating colleges are ready to engage in pedagogical conversations.

Timely Teaching Tips Series

Find these tips useful? There are more! In this series of blog posts, useful tips roll out every two to three weeks of the term. These tips draw from the short, just-in-time tips that have appeared in the OSU Today since 2020. They are a result of the collaborative efforts between the Center for Teaching and Learning and Academic Technologies, along with the support from Ecampus, the Academic Success Center, OSU Libraries, University Relations and Marketing, and others.

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