RefTool Update (10-24-19)

RefTool will receive an update today after 7 PM. It adds a field named Duo Enforced to an account. Additionally, it adds the copy button to a few more fields.

“Duo Enforced”

A new field named Duo Enforced is added to RefTool. While Duo Mandatory is set by policy, Duo Enforced is set for special cases, such as grace period given to an account or a new account being given 7 days to sign up for Duo. Normally, Duo Enforced is set to “No”, unless the enforcement date is <7 days away, or it has passed.

Duo Enforced is the absolute date on which an account will be unusable without Duo.

To illustrate how Duo works, below are few screenshots with explanations:

Duo Mandatory is set by policy for this student. Duo Enforced is set to “No”, however, since the enforcement date is more than 7 days away.
Duo Enforced is set for this account, because the date has passed.

The Copy Button

The copy button is currently used for an account’s Account Location, Distinguished Name, and Groups. It’ll be added to the following fields:

  • Username
  • UPN
  • ONID Email
  • Exchange Email
Username and UPN
Exchange and ONID emails

That’s all folks!

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