TeamDynamix items – Week of December 19th – 23rd

  1. IS Web and Mobile Services (CWS) using TeamDynamix

Wednesday December 21st, Web and Mobile Services staff were trained and started using TeamDynamix for tickets. They will process old tickets in COHO and new tickets in TeamDynamix.

Need to assign a ticket or task to them, the group is: Web and Mobile Services (CWS)

2. Known issue: Customers responding to on-hold tickets, not going back to a certain status.

Situation: If a customer responds to a ticket that is on-hold, that ticket goes back to it’s previous state, even if that state was closed.

Current workarounds:  If you work on a ticket that is closed, please update the ticket to “open” first. Then update again if you need to set another on-hold status. Additionally, a ticket report that shows when a customer responds to a ticket, regardless of ticket state. Max and Kirsten have access to that report.

Vendor feedback status: A feature request has been submitted to TD to let us set the status of tickets when customers respond.

3. Known issue: Multiple requestors listed with the same name, it’s hard to know which one to select.

Current workarounds: put in the ONID username for the person.

Vendor feedback status: A feature request has been submitted to TD to show the e-mail address for the person who is being selected.

4. Known issue: Same person listed twice

Duplicate accounts were created in TD initially with RefTool2 creating them. That was disabled so there are not many duplicate entries.

Status – Lucas is merging those together.

5. Asset management

Todd Soli is continuing to engage with Client Services staff to understand our needs around Asset Management. Some high level goals of Asset management for Client Services are: stop using Inventory, integrate with SCCM and Casper as best we can to get data from those systems. All of those are in hopes/plan to reduce or eliminate manual entry of data that is automatically generated and maintained elsewhere.

Lucas is engaging with groups outside Client Services about their needs/wants/goals of Asset Management.

6. Client Portal

Lucas is working with the IT Communications Manager next week to brand the Client Portal. Once that is done, some testing has been performed, documentation and communications created, we will roll that out so customers can view their tickets and submit. Ideally that will be before Winter Term begins.

7. Knowledgebase

Kirsten, Jade Trujillo and John Pelkey have started looking at what Knowledgebase has to offer. Staff from CWS will be granted access to help with that investigation also.

High level plan/thoughts – Migrate HelpDocs to the TD knowledgebase. Refer to Kirsten’s recent post about this also.

8. Ticketing application access – IT, Forestry IT, ROOTs IT

Rights were added for all internal staff currently using TD to see both ticketing applications and move tickets into those. – “IT”; Forestry IT, ROOTs IT

If you need to move a ticket, click on “actions” then “move to application”. Read the form and fill out the fields.

9. People import / integration update

Lance Duddlesten is working hard and revamping the Banner to TDx integration. He has been refining that with Grouper groups to make the process more effective. While he is doing that, he is performing manual updates of data between Banner and TDx. Meaning, he runs the querys/jobs to update TDx from Banner instead of those happening on a schedule.

What this means for you, some data might be out of data for customers. If you run into that, or a customer/person that is NOT listed in TD, please inform Lucas.

10. TD/ITSM Steering Committee

Lucas is working with Lisa to get the next meeting scheduled for the steering committee. The group is discussing/reviewing and providing input on the direction of TD/ITSM. The first charge is related to customer notification templates and a high level roadmap of the groups and functionality to turn on/investigate for TD.

11. Next group to on-board into TDx

Office of Information Security. Date has not been selected yet.

Happy holidays!

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