Service Desk Digest 12/29/2016

Friday, December 30

We have a few folks out Friday. David Williams will be mentoring in the Walkup, and Robin Castle in the Call Center. Please take any management issues to Lucas Friedrichsen.

Windows 10 CB 1607 update

Ben and I have been discussing the pending 1607 update for Windows 10 Current Branch. Initially we were concerned that this rather large update might impact customers negatively, and this update has consequently been on pause for some time.

However, Ben confirmed today that there are only 60 machines in the CN fleet that will receive the update when we make it available. Furthermore, machines in Client Services that have already received the update have not experienced issues.

Given this, we will make the 1607 update available starting Tuesday, January 3.

Please review Ben’s recent blog post regarding Windows updates if you have not already:

Reminder: “Service Desk Escalation” Group in TeamDynamix

 In case you missed my update last week about TeamDynamix workflow changes, please review.

In particular: please note that there is now a responsibility group called “Service Desk – Escalation” that you can assign a ticket to if you are not sure what to do next. The escalation team will review the ticket and either reassign it to someone else or provide you with instructions to complete the ticket.

Welcome ECTU Team to Milne

The Extension Computing Technology Unit (ECTU) – Lisa Gillis, Wayne Jardine, and Victor Villegas – have moved from Ballard Hall to the downstairs office in Milne Computer Center. Please join me in welcoming them!

Save the Date: January 6 LAN Night

Our Winter LAN night will be on Friday, January 6 in the Milne lab. Small contributions towards pizza – or contributions of drinks and snacks – are appreciated.

There will be table top games in addition to network games.

More details to follow.

Known Outlook Issues

There are two known issues related to Outlook that are being tracked as problem tickets in TeamDynamix:

  • Autodiscover pop-ups: 2408449
  • Outlook prompting to restart: 2433305


Server Support are making changes next week that should hopefully alleviate both issues.

A work-around for the autodiscover issue is listed in the parent ticket.

For the Outlook restart prompt issue: please DO NOT rebuild Outlook or Windows profiles. It won’t help with the issue. Instead, please collect information about when the problem happens (e.g. when docking/undocking a laptop, or when waking from sleep mode, etc.) and link the ticket to the parent.

Finance Data Warehouse (FISDW) Access Removal 

Access to FISDW will be revoked for most tables on 12/31. There is a parent ticket with more information and to link related issues here: 2429394 

FISDW customers have been notified of this change and are encouraged to use Core instead.

Fun, random fact: the Norte Chico civilization located in modern-day Peru is the oldest known civilization of the Americas, with the first city dated to about 3500 BC. According to Charles C. Mann in 1491, Norte Chico is the second oldest complex civilization in the world. Tell your friends.

Have a great New Year, everyone!