Valley Library 4th Floor West New Core Migration

Vlib 4th floor (West) is moving to new core this evening! See the TD master ticket @ for more details.

Telecommunications / Network Services is cutting over the West side of the Library 4th floor this evening (7pm – 6am is the outage window, though they expect to be done before midnight).

This is for the Extended Campus / PACE / CWS / SMS half of the 4th floor. From a network perspective, the floor is split in half along the hallway that runs from the front desk to the Drinkward conference room.

Units/devices should end up in the following security contexts:
Extended Campus – CN_IRS
Library – CN_IRS
CWS – CN_UnivAdmin
Printers – CN_Printers

At Extended Campus / PACE’s request, the two front desk printers and the 4943 Ricoh are being deployed to all Extended Campus / PACE users.

Ken and Steven are scheduled to be on site for the morning of the 20th, and this ticket can be used to link in any follow up items that come in to the call center. Tyler from Telecom will also be on standby in the event we need any ports patched or VLAN changes made.