TeamDynamix items – Week of December 5th-9th

Noteworthy TD items – Week of December 5th – 9th

Documentation –

Integration with Banner
The integration for People load / update process broke when the switch to Oracle 12. This was discovered on Tuesday the 6th and repaired that day.

  • Known/reported issues related to that – 2
  • I am working with Lance on automated methods to alert when People load/integration jobs fail.

Preferred Pronoun added as an attribute to person record
For more information about personal gender pronouns, see:

You can edit your own Preferred Pronoun on your person record. Do not edit records for others.
New Core migration ticket type added – IT tab/application
– Default task template also added, those are tasks that Chris Sinnett utilized in Jira previously for the New Core Migration process.
– Visibility for Service Desk – Projects and Service Desk – Managers to see this ticket on ticket creation.

Individual tickets – “Find referenced” link repaired

The link has been repaired and will return all tickets for that customer that are NOT Closed or Cancelled. That link shows up under the Requestor’s name in the individual ticket.
– For ALL tickets for a customer, click on the person’s name, then “tickets” at the top.

TD documentation on IT knows
IT ticketing application
– Ticket statuses – to further explain the statuses and what happens in TD next.
– Known issues and workarounds

Asset management
– Todd Soli has started looking further at the capabilities of Asset Management within TeamDynamix. He will be getting info from people about what they utilize in Inventory now, and what other groups in IS and Forestry and ROOTs see as useful capabilities for Asset Management.

Merged tickets hiccup

Tickets that get merged together have problems with e-mail processing/going into the proper ticket.

– Example –
Ticket A is created and communication is sent to customer.
Ticket B is located, determined that Ticket A is a duplicate of Ticket B.
Ticket A is then merged into Ticket B.
E-mails that were sent to Ticket A do NOT make it into Ticket B.

What has been done on this hiccup
1) Feedback has been submitted to TeamDynamix about the issue and the need to fix it.
2) I am checking the mailboxes and e-mail service logs multiple times a day for any messages that do NOT make it into tickets and adding those entries to the appropriate ticket, changing status, etc.
3) Documentation is in ITKnows ( about the known issue, and workarounds.
a. That documentation is also list below.

If you have questions/feedback, need additional documentation etc please use the following methods:

  • Talk to Lucas Friedrichsen
  • E-mail –
  • Slack –
  • TD ticket – Ticket type = “OSU TeamDynamix Support”