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Putting 2D HD video footage into 360 video  July 10th, 2019

Here is an example of the best 360 video quality we can pull off at the moment:
Want details on what we’re doing here?
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Audio Editing (VO) – Adobe Audition  June 19th, 2019

quick note. Had some success editing instructor VO with these steps:

  1. Capture a noise print (shit+p) of dead air. Then apply “Effects >Noise Reduction / Restoration > Noise Reduction (process)” (see screenshot)
  2. Boost gain/volume (stretch waveform until biggest spikes near edge of visible range.)
  3. Add bass back into tinny voice with “Effect > Filter and EQ > Parametric Equalizer”. Mostly boost 200Hz frequency about 6db. Also boost 3000Hz frequency 1.3 db (for clarity). (Using 2 for Q/Width covers good range).
  4. Reduce echo with “Effects > Amplitude and Compression > Dynamics Processing”. (see screenshot)
  5. Boost Gain again.
  6. Use Spot Healing Brush Tool to wipe out background pops (usually stand out as weird blemishes in the Spectral Frequency Display.

(this is basically cliff notes from these two links:
EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Clarity
How to Remove Echo in Adobe Audition

Unity Systems Overview (talk notes)  April 18th, 2018

these notes on blog (+ other blogs exist). Will pause in 30 minutes (see if anyone wants to keep going).
This is a fast talk to share terms, and usage tips. google a term – check the date (note: VR has a 3 month expiration).

Core takeaway: don’t get lost in sliders. setup your whole game system asap, then go back and tweak. (a working system is inspiring on it’s own. like a baby.).

1. basics
2. canvas (UI)
3. Shaders + materials
4. physics (colliders vs. triggers)
5. animation vs. animator (mechanim)
6. profiler


7. imports vs. prefabs (reusable objects)
8. audio, particles, etc.
9. lighting vs. rendering (postfx)
10. cameras (+ timeline + cinemachine = cut scenes)
11. VR options (+ AR? + Vuforia?)
12. THE FUTURE (proBuilder, SRP, shader networks, post fx volumes)
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Quickstart: Oculus Rift + touch  February 6th, 2018

Here’s a quick summary of how to jump into a simple Oculus Rift + Touch VR project, with Unity3D. (summarizing many pages of official documentation to save others time)
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Storyline : Multiple Answer Quiz on one slide  November 14th, 2016

[edit : I revised this on 11-30-2017]
With just a few hundred setup clicks, you can “hack” storyline to offer the basic functionality of : more than one question on a slide. wee (groan)!
Here is a pdf version with pictures (1.4 mb)
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Unity3D : WebGL optimizing  September 14th, 2016

here are some quick Top Tips on optimizing Unity3D projects for WebGL build:

deleting old Oculus Runtime (solution)  August 2nd, 2016

When our Oculus Rift (ConsumerVersion1) arrived, we were unable to install the latest runtime. Here are some links to different solutions, along with the one that actually finally worked (deleting a registry).
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Unity3D (5.x): How to make a quick scrolling text field  August 2nd, 2016

Setup a scrolling text field in 3 quick steps.
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Agisoft Photoscan (how to use)  July 20th, 2016

Here are my extensive (RAW) notes and tips on how to create things with Agisoft PhotoScan (i’ll also make a simple one page cheat sheet).
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Cool Conferences  June 7th, 2016

(warren) Discussed conferences last week with colleagues. Thought I should store a list of some of the options, in case it’s of interest:

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