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Cool Conferences

Posted June 7th, 2016 by Warren Blyth

(warren) Discussed conferences last week with colleagues. Thought I should store a list of some of the options, in case it’s of interest:

Game Developers Conference
(next year), San Fran. (Huge conference for all the folks making video games world wide. 27,000 people this year. wide variety of cutting edge technology is always on display. This is my number one conference each year.)

Games 4 Change
June 23,34. NY. (I’m going to this at the end of the month. Great speakers. might be small? )

Revolutionary Learning
August 17-19. NY. (might be too board game centric? looks smart/useful though. Wass my backup plan this year)

July 24-28, LA (in disneyland). (Super technical. but often teases tons of exciting graphics research that never gets released.)

Serious Play Conference
July 26-28. NC. I’ve gone to this a couple times (at Digipen and Carnegie Mellon), but have zero interest in University of North Carolina.

November 1-3, LA. My gang hit this in Seattle a couple years back. Great talks if you’re working in Unity3D.

Digital Design & Web Innovation Summit
Sept 15-16, LA. Mark suggested.

Just happened a couple weeks ago. Right here in Portland. It has shrunk dramatically over the years, but a couple people from our group always seem to go.

Vision Summit
james went to this in February and everyone got a free HTC Vive system. (but it was well documented online).

Aug 31+ Seattle. I went to this a couple years back. small 2 day thing (as much about board and card games as video games). Fun, but limited connection to learning. Nice excuse to get into PAX though (they quietly give each attendee to this an option to also attend PAX)

Oculus Connect
this is usually well documented online (youtube playlist). and had VR livestream of keynote (so why travel?). (I’ve been tempted to go each year though, for the VR thinking/focus/hype).

Google IO and Samsung Dev Days also sound very interesting, but are well documented online (ie, almost every session is now available on youtube. so why travel?)

An Event Apart
(next year?) mark noted. web design stuff. (stephen also noted. Web design/dev centric)

ASU GSV Summit
Victor suggested (next year)

alan noted:
* International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling
November 15th-18th. Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California

* Distance Teaching & Learning Conference
August 9th – 11th. University of Wisconsin – Madison

* Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference
April 27th – 29th (Passed). San Jose Convention Center

* IEEE Virtual Reality
March 19th – 23rd (passed). Greenville, SC Hyatt Regency Greenville Hotel

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