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Unity Systems Overview (talk notes)  April 18th, 2018

these notes on blog (+ other blogs exist). Will pause in 30 minutes (see if anyone wants to keep going).
This is a fast talk to share terms, and usage tips. google a term – check the date (note: VR has a 3 month expiration).

Core takeaway: don’t get lost in sliders. setup your whole game system asap, then go back and tweak. (a working system is inspiring on it’s own. like a baby.).

1. basics
2. canvas (UI)
3. Shaders + materials
4. physics (colliders vs. triggers)
5. animation vs. animator (mechanim)
6. profiler


7. imports vs. prefabs (reusable objects)
8. audio, particles, etc.
9. lighting vs. rendering (postfx)
10. cameras (+ timeline + cinemachine = cut scenes)
11. VR options (+ AR? + Vuforia?)
12. THE FUTURE (proBuilder, SRP, shader networks, post fx volumes)
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