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About  August 9th, 2013

Warren here, with a rough sort of mission statement:

I take extensive notes when i’m going through any Maya or Unity3D tutorial. My goal is to be able to come back later and quickly come up to speed – without having to redo the whole tutorial. (in my work, i’m often jumping around between dozens of programs and projects, so sometimes I need a week to brush up. I’d like to cut that time down to a day).

So. Why not put these notes out there for others?
It helps me reinforce the subject, and my plain English summaries might be more approachable than some of these tutorials.

I’ve invited the Ecampus Course Development & Training student workers to take part in this blog. As well as talented Maya animators and video editors from other Ecampus units. I think it’d be cool if this blog helped all of us produce better work. It’d be great if it helped us recruit people. And if we just provide a niche public service for strangers – that’s all part of the land grant university mission. wee.

(note: While we’re starting with a focus on Maya, I expect we may cover Flash, Mudbox, and Unity3D soon. And it’d be cool to cover after effects, premiere, final cut, and other video and motion graphics programs/tricks).

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