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Category: Audio

Audio Editing (VO) – Adobe Audition  June 19th, 2019

quick note. Had some success editing instructor VO with these steps:

  1. Capture a noise print (shit+p) of dead air. Then apply “Effects >Noise Reduction / Restoration > Noise Reduction (process)” (see screenshot)
  2. Boost gain/volume (stretch waveform until biggest spikes near edge of visible range.)
  3. Add bass back into tinny voice with “Effect > Filter and EQ > Parametric Equalizer”. Mostly boost 200Hz frequency about 6db. Also boost 3000Hz frequency 1.3 db (for clarity). (Using 2 for Q/Width covers good range).
  4. Reduce echo with “Effects > Amplitude and Compression > Dynamics Processing”. (see screenshot)
  5. Boost Gain again.
  6. Use Spot Healing Brush Tool to wipe out background pops (usually stand out as weird blemishes in the Spectral Frequency Display.

(this is basically cliff notes from these two links:
EQ: Warm a Voice and Improve Clarity
How to Remove Echo in Adobe Audition

Obscure MP3 encoding problem (between Adobe Auditon and Adobe Flash)  January 7th, 2015

Couldn’t import MP3s we recorded. I saved them out of Adobe Audition CC. but had to resave them in Adobe Encorder CC, or Flash CC would give me this error “Couldn’t Import [path/]” when I tried to import to library.

Turns out the solution was to change Audition’s “Sample Type” (in the “Save As…” dialogue) so that “sample rate” was 44100 Hz instead of the default 48000 Hz.

just thought it worth noting here, in case it comes up again.