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Storyline : Multiple Answer Quiz on one slide

[edit : I revised this on 11-30-2017]
With just a few hundred setup clicks, you can “hack” storyline to offer the basic functionality of : more than one question on a slide. wee (groan)!
Here is a pdf version with pictures (1.4 mb)
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Unity3D : WebGL optimizing

here are some quick Top Tips on optimizing Unity3D projects for WebGL build:

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deleting old Oculus Runtime (solution)

When our Oculus Rift (ConsumerVersion1) arrived, we were unable to install the latest runtime. Here are some links to different solutions, along with the one that actually finally worked (deleting a registry).
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Unity3D (5.x): How to make a quick scrolling text field

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Agisoft Photoscan (how to use)

Here are my extensive (RAW) notes and tips on how to create things with Agisoft PhotoScan (i’ll also make a simple one page cheat sheet).
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Cool Conferences

(warren) Discussed conferences last week with colleagues. Thought I should store a list of some of the options, in case it’s of interest:

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3D Scanning Tests: three kings

3D scans side by sideWe’ve been doing tests with 3 popular 3D scanners here at work.


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tutorial: Unity3D : how to control scale with slider

So here’s a quick way to scale a GameObject with a slider (in C#)
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Leap Motion ideas

note: some of these might also work with Intel’s RealSense dev kit.

1) keyboard hands
It’s a nuisance to type while wearing VR goggles. So mount a Leap device over/near you keyboard, so you can see your hands when they get close. Letting people type reliably without lifting the goggles will be a much appreciated step forward. (when i try to think of productivity VR apps, they’re limited by not being able to type notes).

+ With ReVive you’re walking around a space. just leave your computer keyboard in the space, and let Leap give you an idea of where your fingers are when you get close enough. Maybe 3D print a stand to hold the two hand joysticks, which has Leap mounted on front, so you have a spatial sense of where to go for these options.

+ if it catches on, maybe Leap could sell a simple IR reflective dotted sheet of clear plastic, which users could tape to wall, or their belly, etc. so they could have a keyboard(s) wherever they want, without the clunky physical limits.

+ maybe you could let people cut the cord off some old cheap discarded keyboard, and use it again in VR. (so it’s dead. just there to offer the feel of it’s keys. but VR + Leap makes it come to life again).

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ideas: VR Goggle Apps

quick list of ideas for Apps we could make for VR goggles:
(feel free to add your own here at the top, or in the comments)

7) Instructional Dining
We have a tool to help IDs keep track of all their current cours. maybe we could make more of a spatial (360) space to help them see and sort them. Maybe benefit would be endless screen space (no more scrolling), and maybe a variety of helpful ways to sort them. Maybe each ID could store their arrangements, and share with each other for a bit of team building (insight into how others do things). Maybe this could build off the existing database backend work.
(maybe we could pull in teacher’s posted office hours? or ntoe their past preferences for audio recording times, to build a visualization of where the density lies?)

+ maybe it could have a fine dining aesthetic, to tie into the chef hat costuming at last year’s Faculty Forum. Go for elegance? treat class planning like recipes? a strong metaphor always helps!
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