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deleting old Oculus Runtime (solution)

Posted August 2nd, 2016 by Warren Blyth

When our Oculus Rift (ConsumerVersion1) arrived, we were unable to install the latest runtime. Here are some links to different solutions, along with the one that actually finally worked (deleting a registry).

We’d been fine with installing multiple versions of the old runtimes for DevKit2 (up to v0.8), and even the first couple 1.x releases (which were downloaded the first week or so after the CV1 was released, and then ignored while we focused on Vive. Mostly because the DK2 was being locked out of the final public software).

Now that we finally had the latest hardware, it would stop on the third step of 1.6.x software install and ask me to uninstall the old runtime. Even after I uninstalled it through the control panel. So i found these tips:

1) This thread describes messing with registry settings, but I wasn’t bold enough to try (you can really mess up a computer this way).

2) This video suggested deleting several more files from around the hard drive, and although I followed it all – it never fixed the problem.

I wondered if antivirus software was the problem (on the dev site, 1.6 sdk installer notes you need to disable real-time virus scanning to install). Figured I probably just needed to reinstall windows altogether. but then:

3) Finally, deleting this one registry is what did the trick:
(HKLM local…) \Software\Wow6432Node\Oculus VR, LLC\Oculus Runtime
a tip from this page :

riftNotReady p.s. I also downloaded the “check your system” app on a whim, and it claims our Joffrey machine’s processor and lack of USB 3.0 ports will be a problem. but. turns out you can get in there and run apps. it just puts up a warning about our hardware being crap when you are in any menu.

(+ I hear a consistent crackle in the audio, which I’d guess is due to exceeding the USB 2.0 bandwith. just guessing)

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