A life membership is available to retired or retiring OSUEA members. This status occurs when the retiree makes a one-time dues payment. Life members are encouraged to attend OSUEA events and conferences. Life members are welcome to be active and participate in all aspects of the Association.

Current OSUEA Life Members

Duane Johnson (was issued the initial OSUEA Life Membership in December 2018)

Avery, Vickie

Bourdeau, Virginia

Bowman, Sally

Brandt, Jeanne

Besse, Steve

Coolican Pat

Cowan, Janice

Easley, Mona

Gingrich, Gale

Karow, Russ

Kershaw, Nancy

Larwood, Lillian

Mills, Randy

Oehler, Nellie

Penhallegon, Ross

Reed, Scott

Schmall, Vicki

Skubinna, Tammy

Updated: January 2020

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