New Strategy for Fighting Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens: The Trivedi Effect®

Pseudomonas infection is caused by different strains of bacteria commonly found in the environment, and the species that cause infections in humans is called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Most of the infections are related to hospital and/or with patients of weakened immune system. In respect to fight the antibiotic resistance nature of P. aeruginosa, the unique biofield energy treatment of the Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi (also known as The Trivedi Effect®) was studied using scientific microbiological assays. The unique antibiogram results after treatment has been published in peer-reviewed International journal (Infectious Disease and Therapy). Normally, the infections of Pseudomonas are treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, in  case of hospitalized acquired infections are becoming more difficult to treat due to increased antibiotic resistance. Multidrug-resistant (MDR) Pseudomonas can be prove deadly for the patients in critical care. Approximately 51,000 healthcare infections are associated with P. aeruginosa infections in the United States every year, results in more than 13% death per year. The antimicrobial sensitivity result showed about 60% alteration in sensitivity pattern, while the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) showed an alteration of 42.85% in tested antimicrobials. Besides, the biochemical study showed 48.48% change in the tested biochemical reactions followed by change in biotype number as compared to the untreated. On the basis of improved sensitivity and decreased MIC values in some of the currently resistant antimicrobials can be used effectively against MDR P. aeruginosa. It is assumed that biofield energy treatment might be used as a best and cost effective alternative health care approach to improve the antimicrobial sensitivity pattern.

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