The Trivedi Effect® : A Novel Approach to Combat Against Food-borne Disorders

A microbiological research work was studied to see the effect of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s unique biofield energy treatment on the microbe of Staphylococcus aureus for the assessment of its antimicrobial sensitivity response, biochemical characteristics nature, and molecular biotyping. Mr. Trivedi’s unique biofield energy treatment is also popularized worldwide as The Trivedi Effect®. The results of this study have been published in a reputed peer-reviewed journal entitle “Microbial & Biochemical Technology“. The organisms are spherical in shape and Gram-positive in nature. Some strains are capable of producing a highly heat-stable protein toxin that causes illness in humans. It is considered as the third most important cause of food-borne disorders in the world. It is estimated that in US alone food-borne illnesses affect 60 to 80 million people each year, causing up to 9,000 deaths. It often invades through the skin, nostrils and throat that can causes mild infections of the skin, such as boils and impetigo. If the bacteria get through a break in the skin, they can cause life-threatening infections, such as blood poisoning or endocarditis. The antimicrobial susceptibility and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) showed a significant (86.67%) alteration in the treated cells as compared to the control against S. aureus. It was observed that overall 37.93% biochemical reactions were altered in the treated group with respect to the control. Moreover, change of biotype numbers and identification of new species (S. capitis/cohnii) were also observed in the treated group as compared to control. The overall results suggested that biofield treatment has significant impact on S. aureus with respect to antimicrobial susceptibility, MIC values and biochemical reactions pattern and would be beneficial treatment option for food-borne infected persons.

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  1. Mr. Trivedi’s approach is remarkable and results are awesome. Nice to read. Will come back again to read more blog posts.

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