The Trivedi Effect®: An Alternative Tool to Combat against Urinary Pathogen

Many bacteria are ingested by us in many ways. Some of the bacteria are useful, some are harmless and some might be a danger to our body’s health. Many of the harmful bacteria cause health issues to our body and can be difficult to eliminate. Over time, scientists have always found one way or the other to eliminate diseases. But now the bacteria are also becoming immune to man of the medication. This results in difficulty in removing illnesses from the human body. One such bacteria is Citrobacter braakii which belongs to the Enterobacteriaceae Family.

A lucrative research was performed to see the effect of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s unique biofield energy treatment (The Trivedi Effect®) on Citrobacter braakii, which is a potent urinary pathogen for the assessment of its antimicrobial sensitivity and genetic profile. The outcomes of this study have already been published in a well-reputed peer-reviewed International journal entitled “Journal of Clinical & Medical Genomics”. Some bacteria are difficult to identify based on their phenotypic identification schemes. Molecular DNA hybridization techniques i.e., 16S ribosomal DNA (rDNA)-based identification of bacteria potentially offers a useful alternative when phenotypic characterization methods fail. The 16S rDNA have better characterized for the identification of alteration of Citrobacter species. In this study the result, the overall antimicrobial susceptibility and minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) showed 39.29% and 15.63% alteration, respectively in treated cells of C. braakii as compared to the control. Tetracycline showed an improved sensitivity pattern i.e., from resistant (R) to susceptible (S) after the biofield energy treatment and simultaneously decreased the MIC value from >8 µg/mL to ≤4 µg/mL about two-fold in the treated group as compared to the control. Moreover, the biochemical reactions pattern also showed significant (42.76%) alteration in the treated group with respect to the control. In addition to, the biotype numbers with species were changed in the treated (53131052, Citrobacter freundii complex) as compared to the control (77365776; Citrobacter braakii). 16S rDNA analysis showed that the identified microbe as Citrobacter freundii with 95% identity. The nearest homolog genus-species of C. braakii was found to be Citrobacter werkmanii. The results suggested that biofield treatment has a significant impact on C. braakii in the treated microbe. Overall, it seems that Mr. Trivedi’s unique biofield energy treatment might be used as an alternate treatment approach in future antimicrobial therapy.

Guruji Mahendra Trivedi once again astonished the science world through his divine abilities. He has once again achieved with his miraculous power what science only dreams of. The Trivedi Science is the compilation of all of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’s miracles which have scientific proof yet are difficult to understand. The divine gift of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has repeatedly achieved what science could not even dream of. He has the ability to optimize material and human potential which would one day be the greatest wealth for humanity.

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  1. Mr. Mahendra Trivedi is showing us the real potential of the Human Body through the use of his unique biofield energy treatment for the wellness of human being. I appreciate all his work and dedication.

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