Research by Gopal Nayak on Energy Treated Vitamin D3

The preclinical research shows: 

  • Over 218% increase in ALP levels, a bone specific enzyme 
  • Over 551% increase in collagen synthesis  
  • Over 224% increase in bone mineralization 

Numerous bone-related disorders like rickets, osteoporosis, deformed bones, Paget’s disease of bone, bone loss and fractures, osteomalacia, bone and/or joint pain, osteoma, hormonal imbalance, stress, aging have be significantly improved by using Biofield Energy Treatment.

Moreover, this biofield energy treated supplement presents a powerful alternative nutraceutical to combat Vitamin D3 deficiency. It also  has the potential to improve bone mineralization and calcium absorption, while combating a wide range of severe health conditions such as cancer and certain autoimmune disorders. 

About Biofield Energy Treatments 

 The National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) has recognized and accepted Biofield Energy Healing Treatments as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) health care approach in addition to other therapies, medicines, and practices. CAM therapies have been practiced worldwide with reported clinical benefits in different health disease profiles. Human Biofield Energy has subtle energy that has the capacity to work effectively. This energy can be harnessed and transmitted by the gifted into living and non-living things via the process of a Biofield Energy Healing Treatment or Therapy. 


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