Physicochemical, Thermal & Behavioral Alteration of Sodium Selenate

Selenium (Se) is an essential trace nutrient in the human body. It plays an important role in various biological functions such as catalytic effect on the reaction of intermediate metabolism and inhibition of the toxic effect of heavy metals. Selenium is present in the active site of enzymes like glutathione peroxidase and also in around 30 proteins as selenocysteine. It is a potent antioxidant and is involved in the cellular defense against free radicals. Deficiency of selenium produces several disorders such as cancer, heart diseases, viral diseases, diabetes, infectious diseases, degenerative ailments, etc. As there is a very restricted range between essentiality and toxicity, a little bit high concentration of selenium can affect the human health such as losing hair and nails, irritation of skin and eye.

However, with recent advances in biofield energy treatment sodium selenate was put to test. Researchers at The Trivedi Foundation conducted an experiment where sodium selenate was divided in two parts, control and treated sample. The treated sample was given conscious biofield energy by the seven renowned biofield energy healers. PXRD, PSD, FT-IR, UV-vis, TGA, and DSC analysis was done on both the control and the treated sample. The PXRD analysis showed a significant alteration of the crystallite size of the treated sample in the range of -34.41% to 33.27% compared to the control sample. However, the average crystallite size of the treated sample was significantly decreased by 7.85%. the surface area of the treated sample was significantly increased by 6.25% compared to the control sample. The control and treated FT-IR spectra indicated the presence of sharp and strong absorption bands at 886 cm-1 and 887 cm-1, respectively due to the Se=O stretching. The UV-vis spectroscopic analysis displayed that the wavelength for the maximum absorbance of the control and treated samples were at 204.6 and 204.9 nm, respectively. The DSC analysis showed that the treated sample (94.63°C) had very close vaporization temperature than the control sample (94.97°C). But, the latent heat of vaporization was increased significantly in the treated sample by 7.06%.

Thus, The Trivedi Effect® – Energy of Consciousness Healing Treatment might lead to generate a new polymorphic form of sodium selenate, which would be more soluble, bioavailable, and thermally stable compared with the untreated sample.


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