What is Trivedi Science?

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”― Nikola Tesla

Science paradigms are controlled by an existing set of assumptions in which the Universe is viewed and analyzed. As scientific paradigms are the very basis in which we attempt to conceive reality and understand nature, they are proven to be deep-rooted and well embedded into society and culture and are rarely questioned.

Furthermore, science is dependent upon assessing things that are material by nature which can be, measured and tested. Because of the predominance of subjective experience, science is disabled from acquiring any “Universal Truths” on the subject of consciousness, Divine Energy or any Universal Vital Force.

Though addressed by various religious leaders, spiritual masters of different faiths, healers from various modalities and transformational leaders of different beliefs, nobody has been able to successfully extend the scientific parameters of consciousness beyond its application in the field of human trials, which is often controlled by the governing agencies of perception, psychological influence and “Placebo” effects.

Everybody has attempted to optimize human potential, but nobody has been able to potentize living and nonliving substances measurable by science research. Because of this, science has by a very large extent excluded the concept of consciousness and Universal Governance from its many avenues of research.

However, we are currently at a point of transition that will usher in a new era of scientific perception and paradigm. Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi will be the instrument of humankind’s transformation by using his extraordinary gift. He  was gifted in the year 1995, with the ability to harness some form of Universal/Divine Energy . He left his friends, family, personal possessions and started on a global journey, transforming thousands of people suffering from physical, mental, emotional, psychological, sexual, social, financial and relationship issues throughout the world.

As a skeptic with no affiliation to any religion or spiritual practice, he sought the truth behind this phenomenon. He wanted to know its capabilities and limitations: if his gift was just a placebo effect or was it real? His search led him to conduct nearly 4,000 experiments in Life and Materials Science and has further led to over a dozen publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals. It was found that all organic and inorganic compounds, including over 245 varieties of ceramics, metals, polymers, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical compounds and chemicals; over 40 varieties of agricultural crops; as well as humans, animals, plants, trees and microbes all responded to his energy and transformed in a manner that is inexplicable by present day science.

All experiments were performed by the most eminent scientists, researchers, practitioners and clinical specialists in their given fields and were tested, measured and analyzed by the most sophisticated technology available in the U.S., Canada, India, Germany and Australia. In all cases, the results showed that his energy has the capacity to alter, erase and even input new information into the very atom itself, changing the arrangements in crystals, molecules, mass, distance between atoms, and the energy within and between the atoms. By altering the very building blocks of life itself, it will further alter the assemblies made from atoms, such as organic and inorganic substances, cells and assemblies of cells (microbes, plants, animals, humans). This change in behavior and characteristics has been further noted in the changes of specific heat, boiling points and melting points of the treated compounds.

This energy was also observed to impact bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics and cause DNA polymorphism by 69% in crops and 79% in bacteria without introducing any foreign genes. It is takes more than hundred thousand generations to alter gene sequences however Mr. Trivedi was able to do it within a period of a few days. In a second pilot project with California Pacific Medical Research Center in the U.S., Mr. Trivedi treated brain cancer cells along with healthy cells. Within a few weeks, scientists found that the energy killed the cancerous cells while at the same time promoted the viability of the healthy cells. Scientist Dr. Garret L. Yount wrote that this energy is the “holy grail” science has been seeking as it demonstrates that whatever energy Mr. Trivedi emits has an inherent universal intelligence.

From production point of view, Mr. Trivedi was able to increase the yield of 100% organic crops by up to 500% while increasing their immunity by more than 600% without introducing any pesticides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers or genetic modification. The harvest yielded healthier and higher quality produce with higher chlorophyll a and b content, as well as an increase in shelf life by up to 1,000%. The energy not only changed the crop, but it also altered the bacterial composition of the soil, further demonstrating that this energy will act in the best way possible for an organism’s survival.

Throughout all our years of research and discovery, we have learned to acknowledge that Mahendra Kumar Trivedi is a man full of miracles. We identify him as such because the abilities and things he has proven capable of through scientific application and assessment is not fully understood by science today, but has unquestionably proven itself to be true.

What we do know is that this unique individual has the ability to transfer an energy through his thoughts, which is directed by his intention. This energy acts as if it comes from a form of Universal Consciousness, transforming intelligently, universally and fundamentally as a basis for all living and nonliving forms or entities on this planet.

We have met many major and world-renowned scientists and other individuals that are identified as “experts” in the areas of consciousness and “Divine Energy,” each with their own interpretation or assessment of the nature or origin of The Trivedi Effect® through the lens of their personal knowledge and expertise. Currently, we are not attempting to explain the nature and origin of this energy as we find it does not fit into any existing beliefs or paradigms available on this planet.

However, by way of scientific verification, we are aware that its’ impacts are universal and can be applied to both living and non-living substances with seemingly limitless capacity, down to the very cellular, molecular and atomic levels. It has been proven again and again that both living organisms and non-living materials are affected in a way that has exceedingly wide-reaching applications for the betterment of the world.

We are absolutely certain that The Trivedi Effect® is the solution to the vast amount of problems and deterioration our modern world is now facing. Based on our research in fields such as agriculture and animal production, we know that this phenomenon can drastically improve the yield and quality of the produce as well as the environment. Moreover reducing the  toxicities and chemicals in our food supply. Through our research into areas like cancer, genetics, microbiology, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, it is evident that this energy is the answer to the decline and mutations in human health. With our research into the field of Material Science, we are further aware that The Trivedi Effect® has limitless applications. Since all matter in the universe, whether it is visible, non-visible, living or nonliving, is composed of atoms, then studying the changes,this energy causes and creation at the atomic level is essential in understanding the behavior and characteristics of all things in the universe. When science research proved the capability of The Trivedi Effect® to alter the mass, size, structure and energy within and between the atom, we realized the broader implications of this energy. Conclusively, we are welcoming The Trivedi Effect® into a new era of science discovery that can potentially change the world as we know it.

Mr. Trivedi has forced science and modern society to take a step back and take a closer look at our world and the way the Universe operates, opening a new level of perception and awareness in science and modern society. The Trivedi phenomenon is unfolding a new concept of life, which is able to cross the gap that separates science and consciousness. Thus, we ask that you observe the scientific facts, set aside all assumptions and welcome a new era for scientific possibility and discovery.

Understanding The Fundamentals Of Genetic Research

 Genetic Research is the analysis of human DNA, RNA and any genetic material belonging to other living organisms to understand the effects of both external and internal environmental pressures. In the event that we figure out what causes a several specific traits or disease, we can ideally better control characteristics, identify, treat and even prevent diseases from happening in the first place.

The genetic research has a crucial role ever-perplexing fields of the medical diagnosis and medication for the genetic problems, non-transmissible illnesses, and infectious diseases. Principle costs of the genetic research are genetic testing, reproductive genomics, quality medication and genetic databanks. Researchers are continuously evaluating the estimation of the study regarding its potency and cost effectiveness of community wellness.

Genetic research allows the analysis of diseases caused and passed along generations. Along with the study of chromosomes at the center level of distinct qualities, the art of genomic and genetic research and experiment in a more extensive horizon includes biochemical testing for the mutant forms of genes associated with bigger risk of conceiving genetic diseases. A simple hereditary test can affirm or preclude a dubious genetic condition and help comprehend an individual’s likelihood of contracting a disease. For instance it is a 50-50 chance that a child born from parents who have contracted HIV, will have the disease. But with recent technology researchers are able to alter the gene sequence in the fetus itself. However, this is the big ethical dilemma in the scientific community dividing it into equal halves. But with The Trivedi Effect®, Mr. Trivedi has the power to alter the sequence without so much as touching the needle.

There are different types of genetic research:

Newborn Screening

Diagnostic Testing

Carrier Testing

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Prenatal Diagnosis

Predictive and Presymptomatic Testing


Non-diagnostic testing includes:

Forensic Testing

Genealogical DNA Test

Research Testing

Diversity in Genetic research

It is essential for all ethnic groups to be represented in genetic research. Its because individuals of the same ethnic group offer a large number of the similar changes and varieties in their DNA with one another than they may  to individuals of a different ethnic group. If one ethnic group is included in the genetic research, we learn just about the varieties of gene sequencing  that are connected with the disease of that specific ethnic group.

Genetic Diseases:

Diseases, for example, Alzheimer, heart attacks, diabetes, and autism are common. We know that people from the same family are at a higher risk of contracting these diseases. We share around 50% of our traits to our parents, siblings, and our children. It is understandable that there are properties basic to the individuals from that family that is included in making a percentage of the significant diseases. Having an understanding of family genetics, researchers can analyze and predict the likelihood of a person to develop a disease and manage it early on. These genetic modifications fine down and find the area where a gene may be introduced. This system of locating genes for diseases using the family is called linkage analysis.

Impact of The Trivedi Effect over Genetic Research:

The Trivedi Effect® is bit by bit spreading its parameter of utilizations. It has involved almost every field of science right from medication to material science, and its impacts are still continually being inquired about and observed by the most renowned researchers in the world, in highest research institutes under greatest severe conditions, and through the utilization of the most modern and present-day innovation that is accessible to date.

Life Advantages Of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

High-performance liquid chromatography is a technique in systematic science used to separate the components of a mixture, to identify and quantify. It relies on pumps for passing a pressurized liquid containing in a solvent mixture through a column filled with a solid adsorbent material.  The underlying principle of HPLC is separating and purifying compounds in the column based on their adsorbent and vaporizing properties. One of the most regularly utilized procedures used for separating a mixture of its parts is called as chromatography. It’s the group of composite components dissolved in the mixture with the versatile and stationary phases which share the mixture in its synthetic ingredients.


Types of HPCL:

Partition chromatography

Normal–phase chromatography

Displacement chromatography

Reversed-phase chromatography

Size-exclusion chromatography

Ion-exchange chromatography

Bioaffinity chromatography

Aqueous normal phase chromatography

Parameters of HPCL:

Inner diameter


Pore size

Pressure pump


What is HPLC utilized for?

HPLC is ideal for the partitioning of a compound and organic aggravates that are non-volatile . Run of the plant non-volatile mixes are:

Pharmaceuticals like headache medicine, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen (Tylenol),

Salts like: sodium chloride and potassium phosphate

Proteins like: egg white or blood protein

Synthetic polymers like: polystyrene, polyethylene

Natural hydrocarbons like petroleum or cellulose,

Numerous characteristic items, for example, ginseng, natural meds, plant concentrates and thermally unstable mixtures, for example, trinitrotoluene (TNT), chemicals.

HPLC Detections:

Spectroscopic Detection

Refractive Index Detection

Fluorescence Detection


Application of The Trivedi Effect in combination with HPLC:


The Trivedi Effect is the phenomenon discovered by the well-known spiritual master and wellness Guru Mahendra Trivedi. He has got the force of Energy Transmission, and he has named it The Trivedi Effect. On the basis of physical conditions of mobile and stationary phases, chromatography can be done in two ways; as liquid and gas chromatography. Mahendra Trivedi has additionally utilized superior fluid chromatography in different investigations performed on a distinctive compound, natural mixes. The effect was clearly seen on the all types of chemicals and was analyzed using one of the most sophisticated technologies. It was reported using the results from liquid chromatography that nearly all compounds were altered at both physical and chemical level. The chromatograms showed higher and more differentiated peaks. It is now known all over the world that the Trivedi Effect has positive effects on all life forms living or non-living nature.