Yield and Quality Improvement of Cashew Plant

We are coming upon an era where nutritious, organic, and GMO-free food reigns supreme. Currently, nutritious food is beginning to top the chart of necessities. Many people pay thousands of dollars every year when investing in the food they eat. However, this food is far from ideal. In the production of healthy and organic foods, farmers and producers require a lot more input with a lot less yield. Additionally, these organic crops are at greater risk for fungal, bacterial, and viral infections, as well as pest infestations. This in return makes the food much more expensive to produce, and even more expensive to purchase and consume. Even after making such an expensive—not to mention risky—investment, the food that we eat has been gradually reducing in nutrient content over the past hundred years.

In the year 2002, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi conducted an agricultural science experiment on farmland soil. This plot of farmland soil was divided into two parts, separated by a barbed wire fence. One half of the plot (around 106 acres of land) received Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy transmission, while the other plot did not. After four months, 9,000 cashew saplings were planted from an agricultural university. The cashew saplings on the treated plot of land where Mr. Trivedi infused his biofield energy were grown under strict organic conditions without the use of any fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or chemicals of any kind. The cashew saplings on the control plot of land that did not receive Guruji’s energy transmission were given normal doses of nutritional supplements, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and chemicals as per the agricultural standards of that geographic location.

Within a period of five years, the cashew plants from the control plot and the cashew plants from the energy-infused plot were compared. The results were extraordinary. The treated plot yielded 334% more cashews than the control one: more than triple! The shelf life of the treated plants also increased around 300% times more than the control. Moreover, the chlorophyll a content rose by 30%, the chlorophyll b rose by 93%, and the total chlorophyll content rose by more than 45%. Chlorophyll indicates the plant’s vitality, health and ability to harness sun energy and produce more nutrients. The iodine in the cashew was increased and the p-anisidine levels lowered, which indicated a longer shelf life. Finally, the mortality rate of cashew plants from the biofield energy infused plot of land was only 0.5%, whereas the mortality rate of the cashew plants from the other, untreated plot of land was 35-40%.

This is yet another example of the miraculous capabilities of the Trivedi Effect. This is the solution to producing 100% organic crops with higher yields and healthier, higher quality, more nutritious produce with a longer shelf-life. This is a miracle for the agricultural industry and for consumers alike. Eating better food will give us better health, which in turn gives us a better lifestyle. Guruji Mahendra Trivedi is enhancing our lives through these miracles and is opening new doorways for science to explore.

This science experiment on cashew plants is published in the peer-reviewed science Journal of Plant Sciences titled “Effect of Biofield Energy Treatment on Chlorophyll Content, Pathological Study, and Molecular Analysis of Cashew Plant (Anacardium occidentale L.).” You can read the full publication here:


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  1. This experiment done by Mahendra Trivedi has extended the development and nature of product and the outcome is particularly successful that it will help our nation to develop for longer timeframes as his Trivedi Effect is especially valuable for enhancing the nature of harvests and additionally yield at higher rate, so this is just about a supernatural occurrence to have such a better living by eating healthy food and make our life healthy.

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