Restorative and Preventative Health Care Approach Using The Trivedi Effect®

Unhealthy lifestyles are the underlying cause of many chronic yet preventable health problems. Magnesium is an extremely important and valuable mineral, whose value for good health is just being recognized by many conventional physicians. To improve the characteristic properties of magnesium, study was conducted using biofield energy medicine. The impact of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s biofield energy, also known as The Trivedi Effect® was studied on magnesium, and the results were analyzed using standard analytical techniques. The results are intriguing to say the least and unique on the basis of atomic and physical characteristics of biofield treated magnesium, which was published in the peer-reviewed International journal named as Vitamins and Minerals. Magnesium is responsible for various metabolic reactions and biological mechanisms, as it is fourth most abundant mineral in the human body, which is necessary in more than 300 reactions within the body. The results suggest that after biofield treatment, the X-ray crystallographic characters such as lattice parameter, unit cell volume, density, atomic weight, and nuclear charge per unit volume were altered. Besides, the crystallite size of treated magnesium was significantly reduced up to 28.59% as compared to untreated. In addition, the surface area of treated magnesium powder was also increased by 36.5% and 10.72% on day 6 and 72 respectively, whereas it was reduced by 32.77% on day 92 study period. The particle sizes after biofield treatment i.e. size, below which the 10, 50, and 99% particles were present was also altered as compared to the control. Overall, data suggest that Mr. Trivedi’s biofield treatment has substantially altered the atomic and physical properties of treated magnesium powder. Therefore, it is assumed that the higher surface area and lower crystallite size of treated magnesium can exhibit higher dissolution rate in human gastric fluid, which may enhance the bioavailability of magnesium ions in the body. This might be a better alternative approach to fight the baseline of your physical health by optimizing health and vitality using biofield treatment as an energy medicine.

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