Use of Biofield Energy Treatment (The Trivedi Effect®) for management of Morganella Infections

Biofield energy therapy is a branch of alternative medicine and has the capacity to channel the healing energy into an object that results in positive effects with improved overall health. Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s unique biofield energy (known as The Trivedi Effect®) has been studied experimentally on Morganella morganii, and the altered phenotypic and genotypic characters were published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of “Advanced Techniques in Biology and Medicine”. M. morganii strains are naturally reported as resistant to first-generation and second-generation cephalosporin antimicrobials. Most of the infections associated are most often encountered in postoperative and other nosocomial health care settings. Morganella associated infections are the fifth leading cause of urinary tract infections in nursing home patients. Besides, skin, soft tissue, and hepatobiliary tract infections were highly reported. The unique results after biofield treatment showed that antimicrobial susceptibility with 32.14% alterations, while minimum inhibitory concentration showed 18.75% alterations of the tested antimicrobials as compared with the control. The 16S rDNA analysis showed that the treated sample was detected as M. morganii (GenBank accession number: AB210972) with 80% identity of gene sequencing data, while nearest homolog genus-species of was found as Providencia rettgeri (accession number: AM040492). Based on these results, it seems that Mr. Trivedi’s unique biofield treatment could be utilized as an alternate therapeutic approach to alter the antimicrobial sensitivity pattern.

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