Chosen Idea for Project

After much thought, I decided to choose cannabinoid receptor-1 (CR1). I was inspired by a nature artist named Andy Goldsworthy, who I believe many of you may know. He created many nature pieces, often dealing with rocks, leaves, and branches. With CR1, I felt it may be suitable to use nature products, such as leaves. As the protein structure includes several alpha helices, it is likely that the base will be metal wire.

andy_goldsworthy_maple_leaves_arrangement Andy-Goldsworthy-Green-Leaves PP-Andy-Goldsworthy-Earth-Art-8

There are many studies that describe the presence of endogenous cannabinoid ligand (endocannabinoids) which activate CR1. Endocannabinoids may stimulate biological activities similar to that of plant-derived cannabinoids. The metal wire could represent endocannabinoids. Although they are not completely organic, they may represent humans, as they are a product of human construction. The leaves may wrap around the wire to represent the plant-derived ligand. In this way, the two are brought together to show that they can recognize the receptor and cause similar activities in the human body.

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