Looking forward to next week and having our blog working properly

Hi students,

I have alerted the experts to our problem and hope to get our technology problem figured out by Monday.  And so, if over the weekend you happen to receive a request to join the blog, please, if you have time, make the attempt.  And if you can, please try to submit a post to, at minimum, say “hello”.

See you guys on Monday,


PS  In the meantime, check out this beautiful artwork by an inspired artist, Rebecca Kamen, who rendered in a 3D mylar medium some of her impressions of scientific knowledge that has been collected over the years at the cellular level.  Click on the image to see the very recent news article, which I personally found very interesting and wish to send your way.  The article shows many other works by Rebecca K.



If you get a chance, you should visit the Oregon Coast Museum in Newport, OR.  (Lot’s of neat animals!)  The last time I visited (about a year ago), the entrance was decorated with glass art inspired by underwater creatures.  The Butterflies and Neurons by Rebecca remind me of the beautiful glass sculptures at the entrance to the Oregon Coast Museum.  Proteins could be portrayed in a similar artistic style, couldn’t they?


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