Tinkering on the theme of a sandwich

In the CATH classification system, the “Mainly Beta” parent node (at the C level) has a child node known as “Sandwich” (at the A level) whose representative domain structures include over 18,000 known structures.  That’s a lot of sandwiches.

Looking through the numerous topological children nodes of Sandwich (at the T level), I notice three representative sandwich topologies that seem especially ripe for being turned into toys by applying a little bit of evolutionarily-inspired tinkering.  These are the Neurophysin II Chain A topology (CATH code 2.60.9) , the ATP synthase epsilon chain domain 1 topology(phew, that’s a mouthful! easier to say CATH code 2.60.15), and the Gamma-B crystalline domain 1 topology (CATH code 2.60.20).

What’s fun about these three domain topologies?  Let’s tinker…


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