Resolutions. Renewal.

Renewal is appropriate for the new year. So are

It has been over a month since I blogged here. And the longer I wait for inspiration, the harder it is to write.

But I’m waiting for inspiration. Really difficult, to be sure.

We all know that resolutions have a great tendency to fail.

So how can one find renewal in these difficult times?

Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your priorities.

Priorities can change. Depending on circumstances.

Is this a time for you to be more articulate?

Or a time to be more proactive?

A time to be more (fill in the blank)?

Writer’s block

Sheila Robinson the sometime Saturday contributor for AEA 365 offers the following guidelines. Perhaps they can serve as a grounding for my 2017 resolutions.

“Rad Resource: Check out HubSpot’s The Ultimate List of Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark. Sites listed include ones that help you keep organized, sites for blog ideation, data analysis, writing, editing, and sharing on social media. Just for laughs (and I got them!) I tried Portent’s Content Idea Generator which supplies you with a title (useful when you have writer’s block), if you give it a keyword. Of course, I tried “evaluation” and got several, um, interesting title ideas, including this one: Why Evaluations are Cuter Than a Kitten (feel free to write and send me the article, if that particular title inspires you!). Not all were as light-hearted as that one, and several were quite good, but the idea is that you get enough options for what to write about that something is certain to inspire you.”

This blog is short on words. I do want to acknowledge that I have maintained this blog almost weekly since December, 2009. A long time. So this is an anniversary of sorts.

AEA 365 started shortly there after. AEA 365 has the entire AEA membership from which to draw and write blog posts. Writing daily results in a lot of work. Almost weekly is fine with me.

I value the folks who read my blog and the comments I get.  I will read through the comments and make a post of them. THANK YOU, ALL. And Happy New Year!

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