Someone asked why I stopped posting (I did wonder if anyone would notice). Here is the reason: I will be retiring from Oregon State University the end of August, 2018 and getting ready for that event will take the next four months.

This is my farewell post.


I do not have any plans for this commencement.

That is scary for me as I have always had plans.

My evaluation skills do not help me with formulating a plan.

I hope that you, my readers, will remember that evaluation is an everyday activity.

That you assign value, worth, merit to every activity you do. (Remember that the root of evaluation is value.)

Think evaluatively in every situation.

This is a fond farewell, which is bittersweet.

The bittersweet is because I have enjoyed putting evaluation content out there to the nether.

Yet, providing content weekly was hard, challenging, thought provoking.


I will not be going to Cleveland (for the American Evaluation Association conference) or to Minneapolis¬† (for the Engagement Scholarship Consortium conference). I am sorting through my papers, boxes, and drawers full of papers of which I am throwing most out. I don’t plan to take much with me.


I have done good work. I have been a good friend. I understand that this “new job” will/could take about 12 months to get settled.

I will be on another adventure; I don’t know what that will be. I will do what pleases me: sleeping until the light wakes me, reading (so many books, so little time; I’m a slow reader), working in my yard. Maybe I will travel. I might learn a new language (something more than words). Perhaps I will take up an instrument and make lovely music. I have lots of options, some I’ve continued since the early 1980s, some that are providing me with things to think about. I remind myself that this is an adventure.

So, my readers, I wish you well.