Having written about evaluation history previously, I identified  those who contributed, not those who could be called evaluation pioneers; rather those who had influenced my thinking.  I think it is noteworthy to mention those evaluation pioneers who set the field on the path we see today, those whom I didn’t mention and need to be. As a memorial (it is Memorial Day weekend Memorial-Day-weekend, after all), Michael Patton (whom I’ve mentioned previously) is coordinating an AEA365 to identify and honor those evaluation pioneers who are no longer with us. (Thank you, Michael). The AEA365 link above will give you more details.  I’ve also linked the mentioned evaluation pioneers that have been remembered. Some of these pioneers I’ve mentioned before; all are giants in the field; some are dearly loved as well. All those listed below have died. Patton talks about the recent-dead, the sasha, and the long-dead, the zamani. He cites the Historian James W. Loewen when he makes this distinction. Some of the listed are definitely the sasha (for me); some are zamani (for me). Perhaps photos will help (for whom photos could be found) and dates. There are other pioneers that are not mentioned here. Who was instrumental in your development? (They can still be alive. Or not.)

Patton starts by remembering Brenda Zimmerman (1956-2014), brenda zimmerman .

 Marcia Guttentag (1933-1977) by Sara Miller McCune;

Donald Campbell (1916-1996)Donald T Campbell-lg.jpg by Mel Mark; 

Asa Hilliard III (1933-2007) Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III by Rodney Hopson; 

Egon Guba (1924-2008) egon guba bw by Jennifer Greene;

Peter H. Rossi (1921-2006) Peter H. Rossi, sociologist who studied homelessness by Mark Lipsey;

Barry MacDonald (1933-2013) barry macdonald by Ernie House;

Kathy Bolland (1950-2015) Bolland-3-200x300 by Sharon Rallis;

Robert Ingle (1926-1998) by Jean King;

Carol Weiss (1927-2013) Carol Weiss by Sharon Rallis; 

Will Shadish (1949-2016) William Shadish by Laura Leviton; 

Lee Sechrest  (1929-2015) Lee Sechrest by Eleanor Chelimsky; and

Paul Lazarsfeld (1901-1976) Lazarsfeld.jpg, and

Alva (1902-1986) and Gunnar (1898-1987) Gunnar Myrdal 1964 002 (cropped).jpg Myrdal by Charmagne Campbell-Patton.

My sasha; my zamani.

I  knew Bob Ingle, Will Shadish, Kathy Bolland, Lee Sechrest, and Egon Guba. Bob (and his wife, Maria), Will, and Kathy were friends of mine as well as colleagues. I miss them. A lot. Egon and Lee were colleagues; I miss them as well.  They are sasha to me; they added much to the field. As did those who are zamani to me, even though they may have died within the last few years (Brenda Zimmerman, Don Campbell, Marcia Guttentag, Asa Hillard, Peter Rossi, Carol Weiss, Barry MacDonald, Paul Lazarsfeld, Alva Myrdal, and Gunnar Myrdal). I only knew Don Campbell, Carol Weiss, and Peter Rossi through their writings; there are books by them on my shelf. Although all these folks made their mark in other fields as well as evaluation, evaluation wouldn’t be where it is today without their conscientious application of what they knew (from their original fields) to what could be and made their contribution. They are remembered.

my two cents.


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