newyearresolution1 Ok–Christmas is over and now is the time to reflect on what needs to be different…self-deception, not with standing. I went looking for something salient to say today and found the following 10 reasons to NOT make new year’s resolutions posted on the Happy Lists (a blog about personal development and positive change for those who love lists found at

Do these make sense? Remember–you evaluate everyday.

1. They set you up to fail.

2. Everybody does it.

3. Losing weight should be a whole lifestyle change.

4. January is the wrong reason. T

5. Just make one.

6. There are better ways.

7. Bad economy.

8. No need for reminders.

9. You’re already stressed out enough.

10. They’re probably the same as last year.

I want to suggest one resolution that I’d like you to consider in 2010…one that will succeed…one that makes sense.

Learn one thing you didn’t know about evaluation.  Practice it.  If you need suggestions about the one thing, let me know (comment on the blog; email me if you want to remain anonymous on the blog; or call me–they all work.)

So if you’ve made some new year’s resolutions, throw them away. Make the changes in your life because you want to.

My wish for you is a wonderful 2010–make some part of your life better than 2009.


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One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Hi Molly,
    I did not now about this until read Extn This Month. Nice, thought-provoking work. Happy New Year to YOU.

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