Merry Christmas–the greeting for the upcoming holiday–Hanukkah ended December 18 (I hope your was very happy–mine was); Solstice was last night (and the sun returned today–a feat in Oregon, in winter, so Solstice was truly blessed); kwanzaa 1

Kwanzaa won’t happen until Dec 26–and the greeting there is Habari Gani (Swahili for “What’s the news?”).

Now, how do I get an evaluation topic from that opening…hmmm…perhaps a gift…yes…a gift.

The gift I give y’all is this:

Think about your blessings.

Think about the richness of your life.

Think about those for whom you care.

And remember…even those thoughts are evaluative because you know how blessed you are; because you know how rich (we are not talking money here…) your life is; because you have people in your life for whom you care AND who care for you.

The light returns regardless of the tradition you follow, and that, too, is evaluative–because you can ask yourself is the light enough–and if it isn’t you CAN figure out how to solve that problem.

newyearresolution1 Next week, I’ll suggest some New Year’s  resolutions–evaluative, of course with no self-deception–you CAN do evaluation!

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