5 Types Of Evidence To Strengthen Your Car Accident Claim

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Accidents negatively influence your life. They leave you with physical and mental trauma that takes years of treatment and therapies to fix. These treatments require tons of money, and you might not have enough resources. The extra expenditure could drown you in debt. Instead of suffering without fault, you should take the accused to court to compensate for your losses. 

Every victim has the right to file an accident claim against their perpetrator. It could help you get justice and compensation for your suffering. However, before presenting your case in court, make your case strong. A weak argument won’t stand a chance in front of a judge. 

Often individuals lack substantial evidence, preventing them from winning in court. In fact, you might be denied any compensation at all in such circumstances. Therefore, have a detailed discussion with your lawyer to make your case strong. Here are five types of evidence to strengthen your accident claim. Victims can win a substantial compensation amount if they make the correct choices.  

Photographic Evidence 

Amongst all kinds of evidence, photographic proof has immense weightage. These photos and screenshots help visually identify all the people who had a role in the crash. So, collect every relevant shot before moving forward with your case.

It could be wreckage, your vehicle, or the surroundings. Don’t miss out on anything. Even your legal team would suggest you take photos immediately after your crash. Sometimes, victims don’t need medical attention, and they can easily capture the scene from their phones till the cops arrive.

Chopin Law Firm says It’s necessary to have an experienced legal advocate in your corner along with photographic evidence. Missing out on any one of these makes your case weaker. 

In addition to making things clear, photos also help reconstruct the entire crash scene. Experts use the data from a black box to calculate the find about the final moments before the crash. 

Testimonies of Witnesses 

Apart from photographic shreds of evidence, one must also pay attention to witness testimonies. Yes, witnesses are also part of the crash because they see everything. Thus, their statements could help find the people responsible for the event.

A witness could be anyone from a passenger to a nearby motorist or a pedestrian crossing the road. Anyone who is in the vicinity and witnesses the crash in front of their eyes is a witness and can narrate the incident. 

So, victims should try to get in touch with everyone on the crime scene or obtains their testimonies. When witness statements support your claim, your chances of winning multiply. You could also ask a few witnesses to appear in court to make your claim stronger. 

Black Box Data 

You might not know, but most vehicles have black boxes or data recorders. These devices record all the vehicle’s activities and come in handy for your accident claim. 

For example, your vehicle’s speed, seat belt usage, and brake usage details are all recorded in the system. So, when you end up in a horrible crash, your vehicle’s black box data could prove your innocence. 

Your lawyers will also advise you to use the findings from the black box’s data to strengthen your claim. Therefore, don’t forget to include the data from your vehicle’s black box in your case file. 

Police Reports 

One should not forget to add police reports to their accident claims. An official police report proves to be a substantial piece of evidence for any claim. These reports are drafted by officers and include their observations. Thus, have a lot of weightage. 

The officers at the crime scene include all details in their reports. From injured victims to involved personals, everything is mentioned in these documents and proves helpful in finding the person at fault. 

You could also think of police reports as a starting point for every investigation. Your lawyers will build up a case from these reports. You could discuss its details with your attorney and prepare your case accordingly. 

Medical Reports 

A great way to strengthen your claim is by proving the intensity of your injuries. After a crash, you will sustain multiple injuries, which need medical attention. It could be fractures, broken bones, or something worse. Luckily hospitals provide you with reports, so you have evidence for all your injuries. These prove helpful for your case in court. 

So, make a file of your medical reports and give them to your attorney. Make sure you get every necessary test. From hospital bills to nursing logs, diagnostic images, and even pharmacy receipts, everything is essential to build a strong case.  

Furthermore, ask your doctor to write everything about your condition on paper. You could present this piece of paper in court later on. With the help of these records, you could win over judges and juries and secure compensation for your economic losses.

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