What are The Prime Features of Lead Generation Software?

There are many top-level lead generation software available in the market. They offer many fruitful features to scale businesses. The tools can open many doors of opportunities by providing different ways to target prospects and capture new leads.

However, more than capturing new leads may be needed to take businesses to the next level. To increase conversions and retention, one should consider nurturing them as best as possible.

The tools consist of many outstanding features that can make them your all-in-one solutions. Let’s have a brief introduction to them. They are as follows:

User-friendly UI

This feature is very crucial. It ensures that the tools imply for businesses have an easy-to-use interface. Anyone without technical knowledge can operate the solutions and perform daily activities effortlessly.

Suppose sales reps want to filter leads in the leads database. The tools they use are so complex that it will take time for reps to filter the leads and perform a particular action they want. It will not only consume their precious time but also decrease their productivity.

In situations like that, a user-friendly UI can save the day.

Lead Management

It is one of the most crucial features of lead generation solutions. It allows users to do the leads-related job for the business, from lead capturing to lead nurturing, lead managing, lead qualifying, lead segmenting, to lead importing and exporting.

Suppose marketing teams have done an excellent job by performing magnificent marketing campaigns and applying marketing strategies to target new leads. It is time for the users to utilize the lead management feature to do the rest.

Users can effectively capture all incoming leads using this feature, leaving no crack for sliding a single lead. They can compare incoming leads with businesses’ ideal customer persona and qualifies and segments them into different categories to streamline the workflow.

Analytics & Reports

AI-powred lead generation tools also have tech-driven features of analytics and reporting. Users can use this feature to analyze the lead data and generate crucial metrics, such as lead demographics and lead origin. These metrics can provide essential insights that can be a big help for marketing teams to make data-driven decisions.

Marketing teams can identify leads’ exact origin, form new marketing strategies, and perform marketing campaigns to target specific leads.

Furthermore, marketing team managers can generate team members’ performance reports based on the metrics and review their efficiency and productivity.


Nowadays, many users use devices like smartphones, tablets, phablets, and laptops to operate lead generation software at their convenience. It makes this feature very crucial for them.

For instance, suppose marketing team managers need to operate the lead generation solutions at their homes to check on the newly implemented marketing strategies for lead generation. Or they want to prepare performance reports for suddenly scheduled review meetings.

Mobile responsive tools enable them to perform all those activities efficiently on their smartphones or tablets.

Collaborative Tools

Most lead generation tools come with other tools to enhance collaboration between tools and assist users in keeping an eye on the leads from capturing to nurturing.

Some collaborative tools also have multi-purpose use to improve the customer journey. I.e., Chatbots.

Using the chatbot feature ( which is a collaborative tool) of lead generation solutions, users can create relevant questionnaires and run them in a required sequence. It may fetch new leads and filter them for lead qualifications.

Visitor Identification

It is a very unique and vital feature of the solutions. Using this feature, users can identify any anonymous visitors websites might have and provides their contact details even if they haven’t filled out the form.

It is the chance where you can earn customers. Using the feature, users may know who is visiting the website and how frequently the visit is, including the time of the visit. This crucial information might help you target those incognito leads in many ways, such as by offering them discounts at the right time.


Almost every lead generation software provides pre-defined templates to use. This feature allows users to create high-quality and well-designed lead-generation forms quickly.

Suppose you are building a welcome form for capturing new leads but need to figure out where to start. Users can explore many templates that might fulfill their requirements using the tools’ pre-defined templates feature.

Moreover, users can customize the templates as per business branding. For example, users can add a business logo, change font style and color, and change color patterns to sync with business branding.


It is one of the most crucial functionalities of lead generation software. Users can automate many monotonous tasks using this feature to increase employees’ efficiency and productivity.

Suppose marketing strategies work like a charm and businesses start having a rain of leads, and users have to fetch leads and save their crucial information manually. Just thinking of this situation may terrify you.

Automation in lead generation solutions not only automatically fetches leads and saves data into the database but also helps nurture them using automated pre-defined welcome messages.

A/B Testing

It is also a splendid feature of lead generation software. Using the A/B feature, users can drive more quality leads by improving user experience.

The feature allows users to test two different forms simultaneously, which are built to fulfill the exact requirement: lead generation. Later, users can review those forms’ output to know which drives more relevant website traffic.

Periodically using A/B testing can also benefit users in identifying trends and if any changes are needed according to current trends.

Lead generation software also includes other fascinating features besides above mentioned prime features, such as excellent customer support service, robust security, integrations, and pipeline management.

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