Tips for Maintaining Your First Home

Most of us look forward to buying our first home. It is a big deal and one of the most significant milestones in adult life. 

As much as we might look forward to owning our first homes, most people don’t look forward to maintaining a home. It can be a lot of work. Home maintenance can also be costly. Many first-time homeowners are also surprised when they realize how much work home maintenance requires. 

If you want to save on costs and protect the investment you made in your home, you need to be proactive about maintenance. A little time and attention to routine maintenance and care can go a long way.

What do you need to know about maintaining your first home? Read on to find out!

Maintain Your Home HVAC System

HVAC is one of the most important systems in your home. Having heating or cooling break down during their peak season can be more than an inconvenience. Along with that, repairs and replacements for these systems can be expensive. 

With a little maintenance, you can protect these systems and ensure reliable operation. One step is to check and change the filter regularly. There is also the need for annual cleaning and inspection. Many homeowners choose to hire professionals for an annual HVAC tune-up and cleaning.

Check Your Smoke Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should also be checked regularly. Test the alarm on these devices once a month. You should also check and possibly change the batteries in smoke/CO detectors seasonally. It is also important to remember smoke detectors need to be replaced about once every ten years. For CO detectors, it is about once every five years. 

Clean Your Gutters

So many homeowners fail to recognize the importance of clean and functional roof gutters. Gutters channel water off the roof and away from the home. If they are clogged or not functioning properly, they can cause all sorts of additional maintenance problems. That is why you need to clean and inspect your gutters at least once a year. 

You can do most of the inspection work from the ground. Just walk around the house and look for loose sections or holes in the gutters. After that, you can use a ladder to clean the gutters and make the necessary repairs. If you don’t have a tall enough ladder, there are tools you can use to clean gutters from the ground

Keep Up With Landscaping

Don’t let your landscaping slide. Routine landscaping is about more than having an attractive yard. It can be part of protecting your home and the surrounding environment. Landscaping can also prevent pest issues in some circumstances. At the very least, you should mow your lawn regularly during the growing season. You should also trim shrubs and bushes. Depending on your yard and the local environment, there might be other landscaping tasks that will be useful.

Service Your Appliances

Appliances maintenance is another issue many homeowners overlook. They just expect their refrigerator to always keep things cool and their washer to clean their clothes. From the refrigerator and washer to the dryer and range, these machines need maintenance. It can extend their lives, prevent expensive repairs, and ensure reliable operation. It might even be beneficial to consider a maintenance plan for home appliances.

The need for appliance repair or maintenance can be subtle. Maybe your dryer is taking a little longer to dry clothes or your refrigerator is consuming more energy. Many homeowners won’t notice these issues until the appliance breaks down. With a maintenance plan, you catch these issues early and prevent problems.”

Inspect Your Roof

Roof maintenance is another task that can go a long way toward protecting the entire home. A small leak can cause a lot of water damage. Smaller roof issues can also get worse over time and lead to expensive repairs. That is why you should inspect your roof annually. While you are up there cleaning the gutters, look for missing or cracked shingles. If you don’t want to get up on a ladder, you could use a pair of binoculars to look at the roof. You should also check for signs of leaks on the ceilings and in the attic.

Check Your Plumbing

Plumbing repairs can be some of the worst issues to deal with. A sink that won’t drain or a leaky pipe can be a serious hassle. They can also damage other parts of the home. While many of these issues can come up suddenly, you can do a lot to prevent damage by spending time inspecting your home plumbing system. 

Start by going to each faucet to look for leaks. If any are leaking, replace or repair them. After that, check the function of each drain. Run the water to see how quickly it drains. If a drain is slow, work to unclog it. 

Hire Professionals

Home maintenance is a lot of work, and we don’t all have the time or skills to get it done. If you can’t do it all yourself, consider hiring professionals for some of the work. There are home service companies for every job in the home. They can do everything from weekly landscaping to cleaning your gutters and servicing your air conditioner. It will save you time and effort, and the cost is usually worth it because it can help prevent repairs. 

Don’t fall behind on your home maintenance. Once things fall behind, it can be difficult and more expensive to get caught up. By following the tips in this post and keeping a schedule for home maintenance, you can keep your home in good shape.

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