How to Behave Appropriately in an Interview?

Did you know that over 90% of organizations currently find soft skills as essential as hard skills in hiring? Moreover, 89% report that a lack of soft skills leads to rejection of the candidate. When you attend an interview, your soft skills must be highlighted not only by your resume but by you too. That is, your behaviour in an interview must also speak for your soft skills. 

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Behavioural skills can help you achieve workplace success as well. But to join an organization, you need to ace the interview first. Here are the top behavioural tips for that. 

Respect the Interviewers 

Show the utmost respect to the interviewers. They’ll be taking notes of your behaviour and your answers. An interview is your opportunity to leave a positive first impression on them so that it lasts. However, ensure to extend your respect to everyone in the office, including the receptionists and security personnel. They might be asked to share feedback on your behaviour. Plus you want to be respectful in your workplace in the future. 

Show Good Non-Verbal Behaviour 

Practice confident yet polite body language. Pull your shoulders back and keep your head up while walking into the building. Your stride and posture must show confidence and professionalism while feeling natural. 

As you wait for the interviewers, sit with open shoulders and a straight back. You can rest your hands on the armrests or on your lap. Keep your feet crossed at the ankles or flat on the floor. Don’t be on the phone to focus on being present. 

Avoid appearing disorganized or encumbered. Therefore, carry your essentials in a portfolio or bag that’s convenient to hold and can contain everything neatly. 

During the interview, attain the ideal balance for your energy. Don’t come forward too much or lean too far back. Sit up straight. Don’t move your body but use your hands to gesture anything. 

Respect Communal Space

The way you behave outside the interview room matters equally. So, avoid lounging in the waiting room such that others feel uncomfortable. For instance: 

  • Don’t keep your things in a chair in which somebody else could sit.
  • Avoid spreading your legs.
  • Don’t rest the feet on another chair. 

Among other tips for interview success are telling the truth and never slighting another employer. But soft skills are the most important to get hired. So, opt for behavioural skill training methods at a reputed institute to increase your chances of clearing an interview. 

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