Air Conditioning Types: Tips On How To Choose The Right Aircon

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Having an air conditioner at home is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity for some families.

An air conditioner is often thought of as one of the essential home appliances. And just like when you buy any appliance for your home, you have to choose the one that works best for you, especially since an air conditioner does not necessarily come off as cheap.

So, if you want to buy one, let’s take a closer look at the different kinds of air conditioners on the market and give you some tips for each kind to help you choose the right one.

1. Central Air Conditioner

This type of air conditioning is ideal if you have a big house and need to cool many rooms at once. Ducts are placed in your home and a split system is used to control the temperature and humidity throughout the house. 

As a result, the whole home may be cooled and controlled in a short amount of time as long as all the rooms are linked to the ducts.

As a result of the air conditioner’s ability to chill every room, the relative humidity within the home is greatly lowered, allowing for a far more pleasant living situation.

2. Window Air Conditioner

A window air conditioner is a single device with no external parts since all its components are enclosed indoors. Window air conditioners are convenient if you need to cool down only one room or a small space. Small homes with one floor or open plan may be cooled effectively with a window air conditioner.

3. Ductless Mini-Split

Ductless mini-split air conditioners are an excellent option to improve energy efficiency, remove a lot of ductwork, or cool just a specific area of your house. Ductless systems are ideal for modern dwellings.

Installation costs for such air conditioners might add up quickly if you want to put one in every room of your home. However, they are often recognized as much more energy efficient than other accessible alternatives.

4. Floor Mounted Air Conditioner

If you want the efficiency of a mini-split but don’t have the wall space for a window model, a floor model may be the best option. The air conditioner’s convenient positioning means that the filters can be inspected with little effort.

Floor-mounted air conditioners are great for individuals with breathing problems or those who are concerned about maintaining a clean interior environment.

5. Hybrid / Dual Fuel Air Conditioner

A hybrid system uses two different types of heating and cooling equipment—typically a gas furnace and an electric air-source heat pump—to provide optimal comfort at a reasonable price. Whenever the outside temperature changes, the system will immediately transition from using fossil fuels to using electricity. You may choose a temperature at which the system automatically shifts from heat pump to furnace, and you can also switch it manually.

During the warmer months, the heat pump does its job and expels hot air from within the house. In the winter, this is turned on its head, and your home is warmed from the inside out. A heat pump will not work well when the outside temperature is below freezing, and the heating system will switch to using the furnace instead.

Most people think of an air conditioner as a luxury home appliance. But now it’s a must-have that should be worth spending money on; some owners would even get an air conditioner repair in Mississauga or have their used compressor maintained, or have their fume arms in Ontario repaired. It’s a worthwhile investment that should improve your quality of life.

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